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Should I delete the contacts who do not open my emails?

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Imagen Should I delete the contacts who do not open my ema

'Better quality than quantity' is the golden rule you should apply when it comes to your contact lists. If you have subscribers that do not open your emails it's time to consider what to do with them.

We recommend you to follow these steps before you decide to permanently delete them from your list:

  • For subscribers who do not open your usual campaigns we recommend you to reduce the number of mailings by half, that is, if you make two weekly campaigns then send one instead.
  • If they still don't open the message, send them once a month.
  • If after this do not open your mail it's time to burn your last cartridge: create a special campaign for them or ask them directly if they want to unsubscribe.

To not delete them can affect your reputation and deliverability:

  • Bad reputation. If you have a large number of inactive subscribers, the open rate of your campaigns will be lower, which will directly affect your deliverability because your reputation as a sender will be severely impaired.
  • Low deliverability. As a result of the above, your campaign may end up being marked as spam incorrectly because of the low deliverability and therefore even your active subscribers will stop receiving your emails.

It is important that, before deleting your contacts, decrease your mailings gradually. Maybe they don't open them because they don't have time and if you send less, they will decide to open them.


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