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Campaign Editor: Custom Design at zero cost

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Imagen Campaign Editor: Custom Design at zero

Do you want to hear a secret?

The predesigned templates offered in Acrelia News are designed using the same campaign editor available on your user platform. Browse the Templates library to discover what you can do in a few simple clicks.

The campaign editor of Acrelia News lets you create and customize your sendings as much as you need. With just a few clicks, you achieve a design fully adapted to your corporate image. Fast and effective!

When creating a campaign, you can take one of our pre-designed templates as starting point or create your own design from scratch, while being confident that it will be displayed correctly in all the most popular email clients as well as in mobile phones and tablets.

What can you achieve with the editor?

  • add different content blocks: text only, image and text, large size images, columns...
  • custom your design: change the background color or use an image, specify borders, margins and padding...
  • move, duplicate, delete content blocks, or hide them in a specific sending
  • edit your pictures online, rotating and resizing them at your convenience
  • specify an alternative text to your images to be displayed when users disable the display of images in their email client
  • insert custom fields and stay close to your subscribers

Our campaign editor is very powerful and easy to use, give it a try with your first campaign!

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