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Dynamic content and email personalization

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When you do mass email, sending personalized information to your subscribers that suits their needs and interests is key. If you make the contents of your emails relevant to your subscribers, you can substantially improve your email marketing results.

What role do the dynamic contents in email marketing?

Dynamic content do you take advantage of what you know of your subscribers to show the content that is most relevant in your emails to them.

Using dynamic content allow you to display different information to subscribers of a single list of contacts based on the information you have about them. Thus, you don't need to create a different newsletter for each segment of your list that meet specific interests, because in one single email you can cover all possibilities.

Acrelia News makes easy to create dynamic content

Acrelia News campaign editor allow you to configure content blocks in order to be visible / not visible to some recipients.Thus, fast and visual you can create custom email campaigns that meet the interests and needs of your subscribers, without creating a separate campaign for each one of them.

Also you can set for each of the segments of your list a different subject line and preheader, to personalize even more your email content.

In the support section you can view in detail how to set up dynamic content for your email campaigns.

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