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Emails with personalized content and segmented according to the interests and needs of our subscribers, allow get more clicks, conversions and thus increase the profits obtained through email marketing.

Creating personalized content for each one of your subscribers with Acrelia News is very easy. In just one email campaign you can see all the customization and segmentation options you need, creating dynamic content that change depending on who is the recipient of your email and on the information you have from each one of them. And without technical knowledge!

Why should you go for dynamic content

Personalized and segmented emails according to your subscribers' interests allow:

  • Increase to 29% the email open rate. (Experian Marketing Services).
  • Increase the average CTR up to 14% (Aberdeen).
  • Improve 10% the average of conversions (Aberdeen).
  • Increase subscribers' interaction level.
  • Engage your audience and increase their level of commitment to our brand, product or service.

How dynamic content can help you to improve your email marketing

  • You can create fully customized emails adapted to the needs and interests of your subscribers.
  • Email clicks and conversions will increase because your subscribers will receive emails with more relevant content to them.
  • You will treat your audience as individuals rather than as a list. You can show to each subscriber information fully adapted to his profile.

Usage examples of dynamic content

Personalized content by genre

If you have information about your subscribers' genre you can, for example, define that the image and the link displayed are different depending on whether the subscriber is male or female.

Personalized content by location

If for example your company has several branches, organize an event in different cities or your product changes depending on the country, dynamic content can help. With one email you can see all the possibilities and show your subscribers a location or another depending on the city where they reside.

Personalized content by interests

You can create dynamic content based on any information you keep from your subscribers.

If you are an online clothing or shoes store and you have information about the size used by your subscribers, you can customize the content according to it. If you sell books can customize what kind of genre will receive the news according their preferences, for example.

Their age, country of residence, when was the last time they bought on your online store, which is the average expenditure they made, what kind of product they are more interested, the language they want to be treated ... there are hundreds of information from your subscribers that can help you fully customize the contents of your emails to offer a really close and unique experience.

Dynamic content offer endless possibilities and allow you a close and personalized communication with your subscribers. Use them and get the most out of your email campaigns!

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