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Custom fields in Email Marketing: What they are and how to use them

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Imagen Custom fields in Email Marketing: What they are and how to use

Custom fields in email marketing (also known as merge tags or custom tags) allow us to store extra information about our subscribers and use it to customize and segment our email sendings.

This customization allows us to be closer and adapt the content to the interests and needs of each of our subscribers, which alse means higher open / click ratios and also more conversions.

The most well-known use of merge tags is to personalize our email campaign by calling the subscriber by name, for example by inserting it at the beginning of the newsletter, like: "Hi [Name]". When we send the newsletter, the [Name] field will be replaced by the name of each of the subscribers of our list.

But calling our subscribers by name is just a small part of all we can do with custom fields. Here are some examples that can help you understand their full potential:


  • Company Name
    • Hello [John], we hope that this year 2017 will be a very successfull year for [Company]
    • Does [Company] have an effective logistics solution?


  • Product name or service
    • You have already received your [Iphone 7S], we would love to hear your opinion.
    • Now, the annual review of your [Audi Quattro] at half price.
    • Meet the new advantages of our [shipping] services.


  • Based in date
    • In [March] you called us interested in our [repair service]. We have improved our pricing. Can you give us a second chance?
    • It's been [6 months] since your last purchase on [miweb]. We miss you! Buy today and get 20% off
    • Are you happy with the [printer] you bought [last] week? We would like to hear your opinion
    •  Your license ends on [05/30/2017]. Renew now and get 1 year free.


  • Numeric fields / currency
    • You have'nt spent yet your [20€] gift card. What are you waiting for!
    • You have [2,500] accumulated points. Swap them now for great gifts!


  • Interactions
    • You have made [20] comments on our website. Thank you for helping us improve!
    • Hello [John], we have not seen you for a long time [web]


These are just a few examples of everything you can get to personalize your communications thanks to the information you store from your subscribers. If you also use dynamic content and segment your sendings, you will see how your results in email marketing improve substantially.

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