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Save time by reusing content from your campaigns and templates

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Imagen Save time by reusing content from your campaigns and templ

Getting a perfect template takes time, but it's worth it because you can use it as many times as you want. But what happens if you only want to reuse a specific part of it, for example, the header or a specific block? Duplicating and deleting every content you don't want can take almost as long as doing it from the start. Until now, our campaign editor has a new feature that will save you a lot of time: two editor blocks for reusing content.

Headlines, texts, buttons, images, videos... from now on, everything you have created in a template or sent in a previous campaign can be sent again by adding it directly to your new campaign. Whether it's an element, a block or the whole message if necessary: you can reuse whatever you need within the Acrelia editor itself.

You are probably asking yourself if you already have your template, why do you want to reuse a block if you can duplicate it? It is a question of efficiency: we give you some examples of use so you can see the possibilities.

For last-minute campaigns, reuse headers and footers

If you want to make a different campaign from the usual one, but to keep the corporate image elements such as the logo in the header or social icons in the footer, the quickest way is to copy only that part, not all of it. This way it will still be a recognisable message for the subscriber and you will be free to add new content.

It is the simplest reuse option, but precisely for this reason it is perhaps the one you will use most often, for example for last-minute campaigns or communications to correct errors in which you don't have time to waste.


Reuse timeless content from previous newsletters

If you have a set section that you don't have to make changes on because it is almost always the same content, you can add content from the first campaign in which you used that block. For example, a list of the monthly promotions or discounts of a certain duration remains the same long enough to appear in several mailings and it is not efficient to have to redo them each time.

Reusing blocks from other campaigns can also be useful for timeless elements that have very specific characteristics and that you would be better off importing than repeating, such as blocks with several columns of different types of content.


Create reminders by combining templates and/or campaigns

We have all done a rehash campaign, i.e. one that is made up of several elements from previous campaigns, but which are still of interest to a group of subscribers because, for example, they didn't open them. It is not about sending the same message again, but rather creating a new one with the highlights of what they missed.

Mix news, images, ads, whatever you need to prepare a reminder email very quickly. Combining blocks from previous campaigns into a new template will only take a few minutes and will help you get the most out of your content.


Share content between accounts

Within Acrelia's multi-account functionalities, there is already the possibility to share content between sub-accounts. So now, in addition to having templates and files available, it is possible to reuse the blocks that the main account has created both in those templates and in general campaigns.

This is an interesting option for a common content section, for example, corporate news that the different sub-accounts should incorporate, or if you want to create a preset structure with common headers and footers but allowing the branches of a company to customise the content they need.


How to reuse content from templates and campaigns

Can you imagine how much time you'll save if you only have to choose which snippets to add instead of deleting what you don't want? Our editor makes it easy so you don't waste time duplicating campaigns or templates. With the two new block contents, it's so much easier. Just click on the "Add content from another campaign" or "Add content from a template" blocks, choose from the drop-down menu which campaign or template you want to reuse and, as soon as it opens, select the content to add and that's it!

With this new feature, we want your email marketing to be more efficient so you don't waste time on repetitive tasks. By reusing content between templates and campaigns you will gain productivity and your mailings will be more profitable.

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