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How to send a campaign when you don't have time to make it

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In the previous article we talked about the lack of time is an excuse for not practicing email marketing. To cheer you up and prove that it is, today we are going to give you some tips to make a sending although you think that you do not have a moment to prepare it. The key is to make better use of previous campaigns so mentally review what is the last thing you sent to contextualize these recommendations.

The simplest resource is to resend the last newsletter but re-segmenting it so that it reaches only those subscribers who have not opened it. Of course, let at least a week pass before repeating. And, for a campaign sent with dynamic fields, you can combine them to make it look new to people who have already opened it. It is almost zero effort on your part, which is why it is the most cost-effective option in terms of time spent.

When we look at statistics, it is normal to find newsletters that have worked better than others. Look for some that gave you good results, either by openings or clicks, you can go back even a few months ago to identify the ones you consider "best".Again apply the simplest resource: resend some of them using segmentation so that new subscribers will receive it as well as those that did not previously open it. The longer you wait, the more people not impacted by that message you'll have in the database.

Regardless of the sending time, another way to make a campaign very easy is to retrieve those that include more timeless recommendations and less promotional content. Although looking back is easy to resort to those that have more weight in the company goals because we want to get good results, in fact are the less commercial that can be more easily reused. The reason is that they are usually less focused on that direct action that we ask (clicks, sign ins ...) and more oriented to reflect on some sector idea (information in general).

With these recommendations we want you to see that it is not always necessary to send new content, you simply have to use it better and make sure it is received (and opened) by those who are interested in doing so. Repeating sendings from time to time is a way to save ourselves thinking about what we can send. For that it is important to segment each campaign well and remember that not all subscribers get to read what we send them. Although we believe we are the center of their inbox, we are not.

In any of these cases, before reusing any sending, it is important to remove any references to specific dates and to review the links well so that they do not send offers that are no longer active. If you have a few extra minutes to prepare the newsletter, you can make minimal changes such as refocusing the text and replace or add a new image and save the draft campaign for the future. In this way, at the same time of sending one, you leave another list for later.

Think that maybe you have to recycle any of your campaigns so always make sure you make a good sending. And, in order to not to confuse yourself and repeat yourself too much, mark in your editorial calendar some reference of how many times you take advantage of the campaigns.

Reusing campaigns on time, it is a good idea, however, if you really do not have the time to design and send emails, if you want to do email marketing and do not know where to start or your sendings are not giving you the results you expected, contact us. Together we will find the best solution for your business' email marketing.

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