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When is not it convenient to use email marketing?

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Imagen When is not it convenient to use email market

All strategies have detractors and email marketing is no different. Yes, there are various situations in which it seems that using email to sell or inform is not the best resource. But if we analyze them in depth maybe we get a surprise and turns to will be the opposite. Today we will review some moments in which it seems that email does not give enough benefits and we will turn them around so that you raise the things from another perspective.

Let's look first at the database, that is, to our subscribers or potential customers. Is it convenient for us to send them messages by email? Let's look at the situation. We are immersed in the social age where networks are a source of information and it is very simple to be present to relate to followers. In addition, users are very aware of mobile notifications and apps are downloaded daily. In this context, it seems that email alerts are a thing of the last century. Maybe millenials believe so, but not all customers of all businesses. Check the online behavior of the user type you want to contact to know better his use of social networks and mobile.

Related to the database, having a small subscriber's list is a possible reason for not wanting to use email marketing in a professional way. It is easier to send the messages individually to each one of them or even at once to all in Bcc, right? Maybe it seems so, but is not a good practice in a long term because:

  • You can fall into spam almost without realizing if you always use Bcc in your corporate emails.
  • It prevents you from measuring the results you get or learning from them to optimize future campaigns.
  • It will be very difficult to handle if your list grows and you find that you have to send hundreds of emails one by one.

Better optimize your time from the beginning so think big, do not limit yourself to focus on the short term.

Another time when practicing email marketing seems a little negative is when you make few sendings, to say nothing other than Christmas' email.

Online stores only need to put a product on offer and already have an excuse to create a campaign but in service companies it is more difficult to find what to send. Are you sure you do not have something to tell your customers? There are always options for creating a newsletter and for subscribers to find value in it. There are many types of sendings, not just commercial emails to promote the product launching.

One last drawback you can put to not want to send professional newsletters is that you do not have the time, resources or knowledge. Excuses! Check our website's treining section and you will see that starting is not so difficult. We help you with the configuration and design so you do not have to worry about anything technical.Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of email marketing. Even when you're 1 person to do it all, your newsletter will be more of a help than a problem because it will help you communicate with your customers and get new ones.

Seeing things from various perspectives is a way to change our position, although some will use it to convince themselves that it is correct because, as we said at the beginning, there are detractors for everything.

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