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Making your email marketing more agile

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The agile methodology is known for being data-driven to achieve constant product improvement in short periods. When applied to marketing, it shifts away from long-term, reflexive bets to using campaigns that get quick responses to learn from. It's a shift in mindset, but an email marketing strategy built on this philosophy can be far more effective.

There are two keywords to understand what agile marketing is and how to apply it to email: sprint and iteration. The first is a short period of intense work in which campaigns are carried out and the second is the repetition of campaigns after having learned from the previous ones and having improved them. This is how knowledge is extracted to increase delivery performance.

Most companies take too long to prepare their email marketing, moving away from an agile strategy that seeks to be faster in the actions of the team. To achieve this and also gain productivity, it is necessary to get organised and reduce those small time wastes that take away dynamism from the campaigns.

One way to achieve this is to make small experiments instead of betting everything on one big message. So you should not send a single mailing to the whole list, but several to small segments that allow you to get to know their tastes better and thus get closer to your objectives little by little. This is an easier way than, for example, hoping to triple conversion from one message to another.

To be more agile in your mailings, you must also make sure that your strategy takes into account previous results so that you do not make the same mistakes and delay your success. By comparing what was done (objectives, message, design, time of sending) with what you want to do, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments that can change the percentage of openings or clicks and thus improve with each sending.

Time savings are also achieved by making better use of available resources, especially during campaign design. The template that serves as a starting point must already be validated, reviewed and tested so that when preparing the mailing you only have to focus on the content. Remember that the Acrelia editor helps you to reuse blocks of previously sent campaigns or other templates so you can go faster and make no mistakes.

One way to speed up the preparation is to work collaboratively, i.e. in parallel instead of having to wait for the previous stage to be completed. It is a matter of drafting the content in the submission platform so that the image can be added directly there as soon as it is done, without any intermediate steps. By constructing the message at the same time, several days can be saved, especially in companies that still work in a very hierarchical way.

Collaboration is a characteristic of the agile philosophy, in contrast to closed structures that do not allow information to circulate within the team. That is why it is also necessary to establish methods for the exchange of ideas that lead to the improvement of the data achieved, for example by sharing statistics and thus, at the end of the sprint, consider the new challenges of the next sprint.

One last recommendation: if we have convinced you to try the agile philosophy, bear in mind that at the beginning it can be disorienting and that it will be easier for the team to make small steps rather than big changes, which is what this methodology is all about.

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