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User with whom you have some level of relationship (personal or professional) and about whom you have some information to contact informally. Until they do not give their express consent, they cannot be included in the list of subscribers.

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What is an email marketing contact? 

The most interesting contacts in email marketing are customers and leads, although it is likely that the list is also composed of competitors, students, curious and any user who has filled out the registration form. Once the process is completed, the contact becomes an active subscriber. 

The difference between an email marketing contact and a personal or social media contact is the consent to receive commercial messages. The data you have about them can also vary, for example, there is no way to know the email address of a Facebook follower, but it is essential to be included in the list of subscribers.

How do you create your contact list? 

The first list you create is likely to be short as it will be made up of employees and very close contacts, perhaps also some trusted customers. The data you will have about them will still be limited, but it will be enough to do some testing before launching into email marketing. 

To grow your list, insert the sign-up form wherever you can: footer of the website, sidebar of the blog, social media profile, podcast description, email signature, purchase ticket, shop window... You can also do specific promotional actions, such as creating an eBook or downloadable material in exchange for the email (lead magnet). 

Building a quality list takes time, don't buy one to go faster because it's worse in the long run. 

How to send mass mailings to your contacts?

It is best to use a provider that professionally manages consent and subscriber data, offers templates to ensure that the design adapts to different devices, allows personalisation of messages and provides statistics to understand how the sending has worked. 

Email services, such as Gmail or Outlook, have a limit on the number of messages that can be sent per day and also on the number of people to whom the same message can be sent. It is therefore bad practice to use them to send mass mailings because the result can be that you end up being blocked as a spammer.