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Buying email lists, a bad idea

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Imagen Buying email lists, a bad

The desire to quickly get email addresses for sending emails makes us think about the option of buying contact lists to third parties. These databases are available customized according to various criteria such as industry, interests, geographic location ... but are they really a good solution?

Definetely not. If you want your company to follow the best practices of email marketing, complying with the rules and want to get your email marketing mailing work, do not buy email lists.

Reasons for not buying email lists

  • You'll break rules of commercial communications. You'll be sending emails to users who do not give their consent to receive emails for commercial purposes.
  • It will affect your reputation as a sender and your deliverability. When you make your submission, you'll get a high rate of returns (emails not delivered), making visible for internet services providers that your list "is not in good health", which will cause your ip run on more than one blacklist and your mailing will be always considered as spam. But why?
    • Seniority list. Over time many email accounts cease to exist. When you buy a list of contacts you do not know their age. Considering that approximately 15-30% of email accounts cease to be used every year, if you buy for example a contact list of 100,000 emails, it is likely (at best) that 15,000 will no longer exist , causing a high rate of returns.
    • False emails and spam traps. It is very common that in purchased lists there are lots of fake email addresses and traps addresses. Traps addresses or "spam traps" are used by internet service providers to identify those senders that add email addresses to their lists without the owner's consent. If your list is a spam trap can lapidate forever your email marketing mailing. If you want to know more about this topic we invite you to read Spam Traps: What they are and how they affect your mailing
  • It will affect your brand's reputation. How do you feel when you receive emails from companies that you've never heard of? Do you want your company to be like this? Gaining users trust is a difficult task. To lose it, it's a matter of seconds. Maybe someday your email's recipient will really need your products or services but "your intrusion" into his inbox has caused him to lose confidence in your company and not have you in mind in the future. Do you really want that?

Achieve a quality email list where we count with their owners' consent, is a difficult process and it takes time, but guarantees the quality of our contacts which will mean that our email sendings get best results.

Remember that what matters is not the amount of email addresses from your lists, but quality. Having committed subscribers interested in your brand and your products and services should be your goal to create your contact lists. Email without consent to thousands of addresses from which you do not know how they were captured, can generate a short-term return but rest assured it will harm you more.

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