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6 tips for engaged subscribers

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A “healthy” contact list should be one of your main priorities to get successful email marketing campaigns. Some time ago, we told you “How to reduce dormant subscribers” because nothing is worse than a subscriber who interacts in no way with your brand. Today, we give you 6 tips to get engaged subscribers, an eternal struggle for all those who make Email Marketing.

  1. Custom your sendings. Your campaigns are the showcase of your business. Custom your campaigns according to your audience and design them with the call-to-action in mind. Make your subscribers feel special.
  1. Trigger the opening. Take advantage of all the fields Email Marketing has to offer (subject line, pre header ...) to rise their interest. For example, the subject line is your first contact with the recipient. His decision to open your message or not depends on the challenging, impacting, different character that you will manage to transmit ... or into the bin you go!
  1. Be considerate of your contacts. Your subscribers have given their consent to receive your emails, they expect to connect with your brand, so be honest in your campaigns. (Do not hide the real nature of what your company wants to get). There is nothing worse than a disappointed user, it will be very difficult to regain his trust.
  1. Be close and personal. Use a close and personal tone to tighten the link subscriber-announcer, you will connect more “intimately” with your audience, achieving that they feel engaged with your emails.
  1. Limit the number of sendings. Users receive an average of 13 promotional emails a day1, if you overdo with your email marketing campaigns, even if they are well thought out, your readers will choose not to open them and all the work invested in customizing and segmenting your sendings will be lost.
  1. Encourage interaction. The main objective of Email Marketing is to get the recipient involved, one way to get it can be a countdown on a deal, how many customers already took advantage of it, discounts... Create the need for your subscriber to open your email to find out what you have to offer. However, with too many discounts, your audience could get spoilt and it could turn out to be counterproductive for your company.


To stand out among so many promotional emails, be sure to make use of all the data of your subscribers and maximize the value of your campaigns. Having engaged subscribers is a matter of quality and not quantity. Keep it in mind: If a good campaign is characterized by an interesting content, a brilliant campaign must have, on top, lots of personality.


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