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Dynamic images

Images with a customized tag added to dynamically display recipient-specific data, usually the name, in order to create a greater impact in the message.

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What are the benefits of using dynamic images?

Opting to include personalized images in your campaigns can lead to improved results in your deliveries, as customers perceive greater proximity while receiving exclusive and personalized content.

Therefore, on one hand, it enhances the company-customer relationship, as well as your brand's reputation, as your subscribers perceive greater dedication and effort in your communications. On the other hand, by delivering relevant and tailored content, it increases click-through rates and conversions.

Moreover, dynamically created images offer a wide range of applications, such as showing unique discount coupons for each subscriber, creating personalized greetings, or displaying the points they have in our loyalty program.

In what cases is it interesting to use dynamic images?

As mentioned, they can be applied in a variety of cases. For example, to personalize a discount coupon with the subscriber's name and a unique code.

Dynamic images can also be used to send notifications, such as the points a user has on their loyalty card or the time remaining until their exclusive offer expires.

Sending birthday or Christmas greetings is also a good occasion for using dynamic images. Additionally, when you want to convey a message of gratitude. In these cases, creating a personalized image with the subscriber's name alongside the word "thank you" would elicit a "wow" reaction, whereas something generic like "thanks to all our customers" would go nearly unnoticed.

Finally, if you want to communicate any updates, for example, if you're opening a new store or have a new product, you can send an image of the map to the nearest store to each subscriber based on their city of residence and provide personalized information based on their recent purchases.