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Email database

A structured set of contact data collected from different sources of information. In the case of email marketing, it is usually obtained from a newsletter subscription form, but it can also be combined with data from a CRM.

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What information about my contacts can I have in a database?

The minimum fields of the database vary depending on the business, but the most essential is the name and a contact method. From here, the more information we have about our contacts in our database, the more options we will have when we want to segment and personalise our mailings. This will allow us to be closer to our subscribers and increase the open rate, even if we send mass mailings.

The information we want to store in our database in relation to our subscribers will be conditioned by the type of company or business we have. We will always be interested in having information that has some kind of relationship with our products or services in order to get the most out of this information. The best way to get it will be through forms where our contact list can fill in the fields we are interested in.

But we must be careful: the longer the form is and the more information is requested, the more likely it is that they will not fill it in completely or that they will leave without saving the information. It will always be better to have little but well-chosen and really important information, rather than a lot of information most of which we will not be able to use.

How can I expand my database?

Buying email lists is never a good option. When we buy email lists, we are buying a list that will not be updated or verified. It is common that over time some addresses will cease to exist and by not knowing the age of the database we are buying, it is very likely that this will affect our deliverability and increase both temporary and permanent bounce rates.

In addition, according to the GDPR we need the consent of our subscribers to send them newsletters, which we will not have if we obtain our contacts by buying lists and not through their own subscription.

If we send emails to users who have not given us their consent and we do not know if they have any interest in our brand and/or product, it is very easy to end up being marked as SPAM, a fact that will affect our reputation.

Taking this into account, the most effective and reliable way to increase our database of contacts will be through the subscription of the interested parties themselves through subscription forms that we can add to our website or share through social networks. In Acrelia the forms always use the double opt-in technique, which means that once completed the form, subscribers will have to confirm their registration through the email they will receive. This will ensure that we have a list of quality subscribers and people who are really interested. 

The first step you will have to take is to create a list of contacts in order to create an emailing database.