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Merge tag

Snippet of code (tag) that allows you to personalize the content of the message by displaying recipient’s information. Thus, by seeing their name (e.g., %%name%%) or other data, the email appears to be directed to the recipient individually and is perceived as less mass-produced, even though only one email is actually sent.

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How do tags work?

Thanks to tags, you can personalize your emails by inserting extra information about each user into your newsletters. For example, the contact's name, their city, or their nearest store. Each custom field has a unique tag.

By using personalization tags in your campaigns, even though they are mass emails, you will make them speak directly to the people on your contact list, demonstrating that the communication is directed at that individual.

How to apply tags to your emails?

The most common use of tags is to personalize emails by addressing the contact by their name. For example, by adding it in the opening greeting of the newsletter: "Hello %%name%%." When you send the email, the %%name%% field will be replaced with the name of each contact.

There are more options for using tags, for example, using the name of each contact's company to create a campaign for lead generation or introduction of your services. You could also add a field with the name of a product or service, based on the interest or sector of each of your customers.

You can also use a tag based on a date field to personalize the month they last contacted you or to inform about the expiration date of a contracted product license.

In emails intended to communicate the points accumulated by each customer in your loyalty program, the use of personalized tags is also very useful.

Remember, these tags can be added to the email subject, pre-header, and any text in your newsletter. In some platforms, such as Acrelia, you can even add tags to images, allowing you to create campaigns with personalized images.