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The open rate indicates when a recipient opens a campaign and looks at it, either as a preview in the reading panel of their email manager or by opening it in full. 

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How do you get the data of the openings?

As the openings are counted thanks to transparent images that are displayed on the devices once subscribers open the email, we will only be able to count this data when the user has activated the download of images. Thus, users who receive only the text version of our campaigns, those who have not activated the download of images automatically or those who use email managers that do not allow viewing images will not be counted as open. If you use Acrelia for your email marketing campaigns, thanks to the extensive statistics panel you will be able to control the opening of your campaigns.

How can I improve my open rate?

If what we want is to improve the open rate of our email marketing campaigns, it is clear that one of the things that will have more weight to achieve our goal is to work on the body of the message. The more interesting the content we send to our subscribers, the more likely we are that the contacts on our list will decide to open it in future mailings and, therefore, increase our open rate. In this case, it is very important to know our database so that, as far as possible, we can segment and personalise our mailings to ensure that our contacts receive content that is totally relevant to them.

But not everything will depend on the content, there are other aspects of our email marketing campaigns that we have to take care of to arouse the interest of our contacts. Before opening the message, the first thing they will see is the sender, so we will always have to put a name that is directly associated with the company, brand or website where they have subscribed.

Another fundamental element to improve the opening rate is the subject of the message. We have to opt for a clear and concise subject, which allows us to address our audience in the most personalised way possible and which is brief to prevent email readers from cutting it short. Finally, we will have to play with the pre-header, which will allow us to give continuity to the subject of the message and will be what can help us to capture their attention.