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Promotions tab

The "Promotions" tab is a folder in Gmail where messages received from mass email marketing platforms are grouped, as Gmail considers them to be promotional or commercial campaigns. Users can move an email from this tab to the main inbox if they wish to receive future emails there.

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How does the "Promotions" tab affect my email marketing?

While one might think that the existence of the "Promotions" tab is detrimental to email marketing, the reality is quite the opposite. Gmail's functionality can benefit us, and it includes tools that can be very positive, as we'll see below.

Data shows that the introduction of the "Promotions" tab has led to higher open rates because users have all mass emails concentrated in one folder. They become more selective when reading these messages and already know what to expect when they access this folder. It's also said that the conversion rate from Gmail has improved.

In fact, not everything about the "Promotions" tab is bad. The recent changes introduced can help us make our emails stand out and pique the curiosity of subscribers before they open the emails.

Now, thanks to the "Email annotations" feature, we can highlight the most important elements of our communications and display images, codes, discounts, etc., in the email preview. This is a functionality we should use to capture the attention of those on our subscriber lists.

Can I do something to get out of the "Promotions" tab?

As we've already mentioned, having our emails land in the "Promotions" tab of our subscribers is not a bad thing. Our open rate is likely to benefit, and conversions are also likely to increase. However, if we still want to get out of the "Promotions" tab to ensure our emails reach the primary inbox, we can consider some options.

The easiest way is to ensure that our users have a high level of interaction with us. Gmail doesn't just filter messages based on their content; the user's prior activity with a sender's messages plays a significant role. So, if we can get our subscribers to open our messages, respond to us, click on links, move our messages from the "Promotions" tab to the primary inbox, or add us to their contact list, they are helping us. All of this depends on the recipient rather than on us. Let's see what we can do on our end.

Among the things we can do to try to keep our emails out of Gmail's "Promotions" tab, some are not recommended and should not be done, as they can ultimately harm our email deliverability. Some of the things we can do without causing harm include not using link shorteners, using a tone that's more conversational than promotional, and using few graphics and different font colours.

Mentioning the recipient's name can also help, which can be done through personalized fields and customization options. Avoiding words that could be considered spam is essential to prevent emails from ending up in the "Promotions" tab. Users who send their emails with Acrelia can use the spam validator to ensure their campaigns are clean and do not include words that email clients may flag as spam.