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Scrolling is the mouse movement made to navigate the contents of a screen, usually in a vertical direction, although it can also be horizontal if the design is not responsive.

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What are the implications of scrolling in marketing?

What is visible on a web page without scrolling (above the fold) is what needs to capture the user's attention to prevent them from leaving (bounce rate). This area typically includes the value proposition and the most important messages to attract potential customers. There is no need to overwhelm the design; just organize the information effectively.

When a user scrolls vertically to continue reading, they stay on the page longer, increasing the chances of persuasion. Therefore, after the initial view, information that helps the user make a decision, such as specific features or customer testimonials, is usually placed. The more scrolling a user has to do to find what interests them, the less likely they are to take that action.

In the case of mobile devices, where the initial information visible on a page is limited, the first impression is crucial to encourage the user to scroll through the rest of the web. Responsive design is the solution to prevent uncomfortable horizontal scrolling and ensure proper display on screens with various resolutions and browsers.

Scrolling and email marketing

If a webpage is not designed to adapt to different screen sizes, horizontal scrolling may occur. This can be a significant issue in email marketing because it hinders the user's ability to understand the message and increases the likelihood of them deleting it. If this experience is repeated in subsequent email campaigns, the user may eventually unsubscribe, resulting in a potential loss of a customer.

In contrast, vertical scrolling is essential in newsletters with a lot of information. To facilitate user access to specific sections, a small menu with anchors can be used.

Additionally, the design intended for the first impression, without requiring scrolling, also applies to promotional campaigns where the main image captures attention. Just like on websites and landing pages, it's not necessary to present all the content at once, but it's important to encourage the user to continue reading.