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Choose the right images in your email marketing

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Imagen Choose the right images in your email marke

A picture is worth a thousand words, also when it comes to email marketing campaigns. They make users feel emotions for the product and the brand. However, not just any photo, not too many if you want the message to work properly. It is mandatory to choose those that contribute to reinforcing the brand image without obstructing each mailing's objective.


Why you should use images in your emails

Our email templates have spaces reserved for images, making it easy for you to create campaigns to catch the attention of your database. The most prominent ones are the logo and the header, but you can use them in any block: also the call to action can be an illustrated button or the separator stripes can be customised with your corporate colour.

Using images has many advantages for marketers:

  • They are brand-building when chosen in a style that reflects your identity and represents your values.
  • They complement the text to better tell the story and make it more memorable.
  • They make them easier to read when combined with blocks of content.
  • They capture attention because they reflect what the subscriber wants and get clicks.

There are also reasons not to include images in your email marketing campaigns, although these are fears that can be overcome. One is that if you use too many, you might be kept out of the inbox by spam filters. It is true, but to make a good campaign you don't need too many images in the email, just the right ones.

Another is that some users will not see them if they have blocked this option in their email manager (both on mobile devices and computers). This can happen, yes, but again this does not mean that images have to be removed completely, but that the choice should not compromise readability.


What type of images to use in your email marketing

There are as many types of images for your mailings as there are for your social media posts, so be consistent with your brand and always use images that can be unequivocally associated with you. The best way is to use your own photos and illustrations, although you can also use some stock images.

A valid recommendation for all of them is about quality: they are usually set to 600 pixels wide so that they look good in the inbox of most email managers, so it is not necessary that the file size of the image is too high, especially in the header.

To avoid the subscriber having to wait for it to download and affect the experience of browsing the message, it should be optimised before uploading it to our campaign editor.

Own photos

These are the most obvious choice when it comes to a product, but they are also useful for a service. You can use a photo shoot with models, create a digital version if it does not exist, or convince employees to appear in it.

With photo retouching software or even mobile phone filters, all kinds of adjustments can be made, such as focus or colours, which is why you have to pay more attention to the point of view of the story you want to tell.

For example, a real estate agency can use a general photo of the exterior or a detail of the interior to promote a new house that communicates much more about who could live in it.


Source: Really Good Emails


Own illustrations

They are perfect when it comes to intangible services because they allow you to show possibilities that would be impossible in photos. They are also very useful for section icons that are repeated in every newsletter because they give it a more polished look.

When choosing photographs for email marketing, remember that they must have enough contrast with the background of the message, so it is advisable to check their transparency. Also, always use the same style.

For example, a theatre can create illustrations of the characters of the play or a drawn version of the poster to promote the purchase of tickets before the premiere.


Source: Really Good Emails


Stock photos

Stock photos are a good resource for newsletters if they are the featured image in the story. They may be the cheapest option, but that doesn't mean they're bad if you choose the right images.

One way to ensure that the brand's personality is conveyed, even if it is with photos from an image bank, is to use those of the same author so that they have a certain similarity. You can also always use a photographic resource, such as captures of a unique moment, smiling faces or black and white landscapes.

For example, a language school can use tourist images of cities or people from different backgrounds chatting happily in a bar or on the street.


Source: Really Good Emails

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