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A contact who has given their consent to receive commercial or informational communications from the list owner. All subscribers are contacts, but not all contacts are subscribers.

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How can I expand my number of subscribers?

When it comes to expanding the number of subscribers in your contact lists, it's crucial to do so in a way that ensures the cleanliness and good condition of the list. Simply increasing the list in any way won't be useful if a significant portion of the added contacts no longer exist, are spam traps, or are addresses of individuals who haven't given their consent, and therefore, we don't know if they're interested in receiving our communications.

It's essential to acquire contacts in a legitimate manner. The best practice is to create a subscription form linked to the contact list you're interested in and use it so that users can voluntarily join our database. You can share this link through your social media to make it known to those who follow you on other channels and may be interested in your communications.

Another good measure is to include the double opt-in in your forms. This way, you'll ensure that the subscribers in your database are genuinely interested since they've completed the entire process. Additionally, this will prevent anyone from adding non-existent or other people's addresses.

You can also offer downloadable content on your website or a dedicated landing page where users need to provide their email addresses. In this case, however, it's possible that after they've downloaded the content they wanted, they may unsubscribe from further communications.

What happens if I add contacts without their consent?

Adding a contact without their consent will result in them being a mere contact, as we mentioned at the beginning, and not a subscriber. In this case, they haven't given their consent to receive our communications, and it's most likely that they will eventually unsubscribe. If, in addition to unsubscribing, they mark us as spam, it can negatively impact our sender reputation, and our email deliverability may be compromised.

It's also possible that, even if they don't unsubscribe, they won't interact with our emails in any way (not opening our newsletters or clicking on them). In this case, having contacts on the list who don't interact with our email communications in any way will affect our deliverability, and we may end up in the spam folder when sending emails.