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Subscribers list

A set of email addresses to which corporate or commercial messages are sent. The minimum information used from the contact database is the email address, although additional fields such as the name or language, can be used for segmentation and personalization.

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It is crucial to ensure that we have consent from all the contacts we add to our subscriber list; otherwise, we would be in violation of GDPR. Sending commercial messages, newsletters, or email marketing campaigns to contacts who haven't authorized our communication can lead to being marked as spam, affecting our reputation and the deliverability of future campaigns.

Is it important to verify my subscriber lists?

Yes. If you have a list of subscribers with whom you haven't been in contact for a while and want to resume sending emails, verification is an option that allows you to clean the list by removing contacts whose email addresses are no longer functional. This ensures that your bounce rate is within acceptable limits, and you only send to individuals with valid email addresses. In Acrelia, you can verify all your lists.

How can I acquire new subscribers for my lists?

It's evident that one of the essential elements that allows us to add new contacts to our subscriber lists is the content we offer in our newsletters and bulletins. Quality content that attracts people's interest, along with segmented mailings, is a key to success. But there are other factors that do not directly depend on the content and can help us grow.

Our subscription form will be the first point of contact with potential subscribers, and that's why we need to pay special attention to its configuration. It's important not to overwhelm people by requesting too much information during the registration process, as this could discourage them from completing the registration. It's better to ask for only their name, email, and some other field that allows segmentation. You can inform them that they can expand their contact information later once they are engaged. Additionally, including a newsletter archive on the form page, so people can see a sample of our content, can encourage them to take the step and complete the subscription.

The role of social media is also significant at this stage. It's not enough to include the subscription form link in our profiles. To generate interest among potential subscribers and secure more registrations, we can share newsletter articles on our social media or even share the entire newsletter a few days after sending it.

The goal is to make our subscribers interested in the content we generate and decide to sign up. Only if they have a genuine interest in what we do will we have an active database.

While it may be tempting to try to quickly increase your subscribers to reach a broader audience, it's essential to avoid seeking subscribers of dubious origin who could harm your list. Always avoid the use of purchased databases, as the email addresses obtained may be inactive or recipients may not want to receive your communications.

Similarly, while opt-in, confirmed opt-in, and opt-out forms may be a way to expand your subscriber lists, they are not the most recommended, as they do not guarantee that your contacts are of high quality and genuinely interested in your communications.

Therefore, it's better to have a smaller subscriber list that is genuinely interested in your content and opens your emails, rather than a very large list with a low engagement rate and a small open rate.