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10 ideas for email marketing campaigns in June

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The mailings related to special dates are good opportunities to get a place in the inbox of our customers and get visibility and sales. The key is to link that day with our sector so as not to appear too opportunistic. That is why it is advisable to mark certain days in the calendar and plan them in advance.

Here are 10 ideas for your June campaigns!


Environment Day

Throughout the year there are several days related to respect and care for the environment, although the most official one is 5 June. Review your actions (in general or directly related to email marketing) and communicate them in a special mailing.

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Summer solstice

On the 20th of June summer officially begins. This date can be important if you are in the tourism sector, e.g. hotels or travel agencies, but also companies with their own activities, such as adventure sports or even car rental.

If you have already been warming up for the start of the season with previous mailings or your company is not related to the summer, take the opportunity to introduce the team that will be on duty during the holidays and give a human touch to the relationship with customers.

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Yellow Day

June 20th is the happiest day of 2024, so how can you not take advantage of it to connect emotionally with your contact list! The most formal thing to do would be to send a letter from the management explaining why it makes them happy to have them as customers, but it could also be fun if each member of the team tells their version of the happiness formula. Or, more simply for online shops, send a discount code for a promotion limited to that day.

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Music Day

The 21st of June is Music Day and, although you can sell tickets for concerts all year round, in summer there are usually festivals all over the country. If your sector is not musical, you can recommend a song or playlist on Spotify to accompany your customers while they consume your products.

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27 June could be your day if you are a small or medium sized business. In our guide to email marketing for SMEs you have many tips to get your email campaigns up and running. Celebrating this day can serve as a reminder to your database of your contribution to the industry, what has happened in the last year or how the company has evolved.


Pride Month

28 June is the official day, although it is celebrated throughout the month. You can change your company logo or really show your support for the community by explaining your policy of non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or identity or gender expression.

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Tree Day

If you are working on a tree-related cause, 28 June is the best time to communicate it. For example, at Acrelia we have a forest at Tree-Nation to offset the CO2 emissions from our website. You can also encourage your customers to do something for your company to make a donation.

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Social Media Day

30 June is a day that you will surely celebrate on your networks, but it is also an opportunity to promote your profiles in an email marketing campaign. Use this channel to get more followers and explain to them what they can find on the different networks where you have a presence, for example with a selection of posts you have published recently.


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Regional holidays

On 9 June, the Region of Murcia and La Rioja celebrate their festivals and 23 June is a public holiday in Catalonia and Valencia for San Juan. These dates may not be important in your community, but if you have customers in those areas, it is better to avoid shipping because they may be on long weekends. And, if you have offices or shops there, you can send a notice beforehand about changes in opening hours due to holidays.


Social Days

12 June is Child Labour Day, 14 June is Blood Donor Day and 20 June is Refugee Day. Not all international days are sales opportunities, but they can be used to demonstrate the company's values, either by explaining a collaboration or a specific action that communicates CSR in a concrete way and also motivates users to be part of social change.

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