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9 keys to improve the content of your campaigns

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Imagen 9 keys to improve the content of your campa

When creating your email marketing campaigns you should prioritize content over design.

No matter how sophisticated your campaign design is, if there isn't a significant and attractive message we'll lose money, time and the interest of our potential customers.

Remember, a good campaign is the one that has an interesting content, a major campaign is the one which also has personality.


You should not send emails to mislead your readers, to conceal the real nature of your business or service and we should not use deception or "inelegant" tactics to get results.


Using a familiar language helps you connect with your audience and get subscribers engaged with your brand.


Using a predictable content structure will be helpful to your subscribers, as this will help to focus and navigate more conveniently.


By segmenting your contacts list and customizing your mailings content you can make the reader feel special.


The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see and your first chance to grab their attention.

  • You should use short and impressive titles instead of a conventional style title "Newsletter [month] [year]."
  • The subject's length should have a maximum of 50 characters
  • Para que el asunto no aparezca cortado en dispositivos móviles, no debes utilizar más de 30 caracteres.
  • If you dont want your subject line be cut off into mobile devices, you should not use more than 30 characters.


The pre-header is used to provide a preview of the email contents. You must consider it as a second subject of the message that can help you to catch the recipient's attention.

Note that:

  • Pre-header is displayed just after the subject in many mail clients especially on mobile devices
  • Pre-header length should be a maximum of 60-70 characters.


One of the topics in which you have to spend more time when creating your campaigns' content is to decide and properly define the calls to action of your posts because they will determine to a large extent the success or failure of your campaign. Your calls-to-action must be strong and denote urgency to make your readers click immediately.

  • It is recommended to repeat your CTA in several different locations in your email so user has more than one chance to click.
  • For maximum effectiveness, show them in different formats over your email: images, links, buttons...


You have to make sure the content of your emails can be read when image loading is disabled. For example, 43% of Gmail users read emails without triggering images.



You should take advantage of your campaign' sendings to increase the number of subscribers and get new followers for our brand in other channels. Include links to all the social networks where you have presence.

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