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How to use symbols in the subject line

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Imagen How to use symbols in the subject

Symbols such as ★ or ♥ are a great way to make the subject line of your messages more attractive. Do you know when and how to use them? What symbols you should choose? Which ones are the most popular? Today, we reveal some of the keys to use symbols in the most effective manner.

To begin, keep in mind that the subject line is your best weapon to succeed in your email marketing campaigns as it contributes to a large extent to the open rate of an email. A successful subject line must be brief, in line with the content of the message and appealing to those who receive it.


Adding symbols to your subject line can engage the recipient, recent studies claim that emails whose subject line contains symbols have higher open rates.

Keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Symbols must be related to the content of the email, otherwise they may cause the opposite effect to that intended: raising the recipient's interest and get him to open your email.
  2. Use them in moderation, if you insert too many, readers might think it is spam, and decide not to open your message.
  3. Not all symbols are compatible with the different email clients. Outlook 2003 and Lotus Notes, for example, cannot display them. In addition, on and iPhone / iPad (iOS), standard symbols are automatically replaced by emojis. This is why you should test your messages when inserting symbols in the subject line. When a symbol is not compatible, "☐" symbol is displayed instead.
  4. Not all symbols have the same meaning for everyone. When making your choice, make sure not to annoy any of your recipients, as perceptions often differ between countries and/or cultures.
  5. Correct placement of symbols is vital. You can put them at the beginning or at the end of the message, or replace a particular word, but make sure that the message still makes sense.
  6. To guide you about the options available, visit Emailstuff or Fsymbols, where you'll find many symbols.
  7. Here are the most popular symbols and their open rates1 :


   Open Rate (%)











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