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#EmailsWithHashtags, the latest trend

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Many people associate hashtags with social media, but they have spread on a large number of platforms so fast, that they have become a rising trend in the online world.

As we regularly remind, the subject line is your first opportunity to grab the attention of your readers and get them to open your campaign. For this reason, make sure it is fully optimized using all the resources at your disposal. One of them consists in using symbols in the subject linea great way to make your email marketing campaigns attractive.




This article deals specifically with the use of #hasthags in the subject line or in the article itself, as an additional way to capture the attention of the recipient in a positive way.

What can hashtags bring to my Email Marketing sendings?

According to a study of Retention Science, subject lines with six to ten words show a higher open rate: the brevity of hashtags is a great weapon to arouse the interest of your subscribers. Hashtags can help you enhance the success of your sendings through their brevity, the intrigue they are able to generate among readers, as well as the personal connection they create between a brand and a user.

Do not forget that...

Campaigns should be adapted and customized to match the profile(s) of your target. And, as we have already pointed out, all the resources are not suitable for every type of target. Before inserting hashtags, make sure they will be understood by your audience.

For instance, if for demographic reasons such as age, your readers are not familiar with hashtags, perhaps they could confuse it with a typo. In this case, forget hashtags and prefer resources they will understand and capture their attention more efficiently.



Visit our Pinterest board Emails with #hashtags with many examples of brands that have used hashtags in their campaigns. You will see that hashtags inserted inside the message itself may also be useful to bring value to your brand whilst strengthening your relationship with your readers.


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