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Email Marketing trends for 2024

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At Acrelia, we start the year by looking back, to better focus forward. This helps us evaluate what has worked well, what still has potential, and what seems to be emerging. Some of these email marketing trends eventually become best practices for 2024, while others may evolve to adapt to user behavior. In any case, here are the trends that our team suggests for you to consider testing in the coming months.


Customizing for Different Generations

Although, according to our email marketing report, there are still companies that do nothing to personalize their emails, the clearest trend is to leverage the database to offer content tailored to the recipient. Personalization is increasingly important and is based on specific information, not just the recipient's name in the campaign.



Email marketing is the best way to receive personalized communications, and subscribers provide their data for that purpose, not for us to spam them with irrelevant messages. This is especially evident in younger generations: they have no qualms about unsubscribing from a newsletter. So, it's crucial to make sure to give them what they want.

Therefore, applying segmentation and personalization, not only by interests but also by age group, is already a best practice that is spreading.


Focus on User Experience

Companies have placed the user at the center, and providing them with a good experience is a priority, even through email. This encompasses tactics at different levels: from ensuring campaign accessibility to incorporating storytelling elements to tell an immersive story.


Email marketing is no longer just a picture, text, and a button for a quick click. It involves video, interactive content, gamification, and everything that makes the user feel as attracted as captivated by the message being sent, prompting them to click. The trend we are seeing is not to send more messages, but rather to send better messages.


Better Repurposing of Resources

It is a good practice to invest in quality in email marketing, but one must also be aware of the resources available. That's why we are witnessing a trend towards recycling content, both across channels and in different formats, to use them more efficiently and make them more profitable.

Additionally, user-generated content (UGC) continues to gain prominence because it translates into less investment and more engagement. The result is good for the brand and the community generated around email marketing.

Automation, for example, based on registration date, is also on the rise as it saves time to send anniversary messages, renewals, or satisfaction surveys. The same goes for the use of artificial intelligence, which is clearly a trend rising in all aspects of marketing as it reduces the time spent preparing campaigns.


Be Transparent to Gain Trust

The era of using unethical tactics to add subscribers to the list is behind us. Now, more users control what is done with their data and know that companies are legally obligated to inform them of its use. An example of this is that 2024 seems to be the year when cookies will disappear as they have been used.


Communicating openly with the user also means having a channel available to receive messages, including possible criticisms, responding to them, and acting accordingly. Email is a way to keep track of one's communications and what is happening in the company.

Brand transparency extends to email marketing as well, explaining how they operate internally, the actions they take in their CSR, and their efforts to be sustainable. For example, sending shorter messages and only relevant ones to reduce the environmental impact.


Measure What Matters to the Business

Opens continue to lose weight, and more emphasis is given to conversions. This does not mean that opens are not measured, but they are part of a broader study to measure return on investment (ROI). So, it's not enough to say that an email has a 40% open rate; you need to delve deeper into the 5% conversion rate. That is the number that matters to the business.

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) or more specifically the Email Subscriber Lifetime Value is also relevant because it helps determine the income a subscriber provides while remaining active on the list. This calculation is useful for segmenting messages and offering more personalized content based on the type of customer.

Frequent measurement is key to optimizing campaigns. Keep this in mind when planning your email marketing for 2024 to save time for analysis.

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