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Writing tips to improve your email marketing results

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Imagen Writing tips to improve your email marketing res

Although the visual part of sendings is increasingly important, the text does not lose its value: is when the two aspects complement each other well that good results are achieved. In today's article we will review different objectives to see how a good writing will help us to achieve them.

Writing to achieve greater openness

The subject is the key to the success of email marketing. Here you have a summary of the minimum to keep in mind:

  • Extension: not less than 10 nor more than 50 characters.
  • Format: do not exceed with the score, don't use capital letters, do not put RE or FWD pretending to be an answer or a forwarding.
  • Special characters: try with symbols and hashtags to differentiate yourself in the Inbox of your subscribers.

One element that is complemented with the subject is the preheader. Don't let the default message that is linked to the web version of the sending. Since is situated right on its side or below in most email clients. You can use their characters (no more than 60) to better explain the subject or indicate the expiration date of the offer.

Writing to achieve new subscribers

Your message can be personalized to make your subscriber feel special. Including his name or other information from your database (for example the city) will get to pay more attention to what you explain in your newsletter. When you have his interest, is when you can ask him to do something for you that not suppose a great effort to him: share the sending with his contacts via social buttons or forwarding it to whom he knows they will like it.

Obviously, if you include any offer, coupon or raffles, it will be easier that he would like to give to know  because it will make him look good to his friends. And if it's a sending with the results of a questionnaire, will have even more reasons to share it (this type of sendings can be seen as a competition, a game between friends).

Writing to achieve better conversions

It is important to take care of the internal structure of the sending so it will make it easy to read and so the subscriber will be able follow the path which you show him towards the final conversion. Three key recommendations to designate this path:

  • Include headlines or highlighted phrases to direst the attention to important points.
  • Write in bold some expression or keyword to serve as a summary of each paragraph.
  • Use vignettes to create lists instead of using more text than is necessary.

With all this help, user must have very clear what's the next step or what has to do after reaching the end. He will find the most direct response in the calls to action. They play a very important role in the conversion and that's why they must be concise and clear. The call to action can be found in the text but also in the images that accompany it, buttons and banners.

Include a time reference is an excellent way to achieve the desired clicks: "take advantage of this offer now", "buy now". The urgency can be an ally in promotions deadlines but also when you want to take advantage of the user's attention to download an ebook regarding the subject that has been discussed in the newsletter.

One final tip that works for any type of emailing: keep an eye on the words that could be considered spam!

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