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Abandoned shopping carts, object of desire

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Electronic commerce is the most explosive industry in the Internet business today. In an environment where it is increasingly easier to measure and map the activity of our customers, statistics abound. eCommerce handles quantitative parameters to help us shape the behavior of our buyers.

One of the parameters that become significant from the point of view of marketing and remarketing is the (high) proportion of abandoned shopping carts in (online) stores.

If we take a look at the figures of recent years, we can find between 60% and 70% of abandonments. On the other hand, efforts to recover are hardly successful, with just 18% of success according to figures from Vibetrace.

As email is the channel with the best conversion, ahead of pay per click and search, it seems logical that the recovery of these shopping carts is one of the priority actions in our email marketing campaigns.

In this regard, some of the findings of the latest Q1 2014 Email Benchmark Report, for the first quarter of 2014, recently published by Experian Marketing Services are particularly interesting.


Their press release points that customizing messages for the recovery of those abandoned purchase offer a considerable improvement in the results:

  • Sending a second reminder leads to an improvement of 50%, while three messages will reach 56%.
  • The inclusion of offers (discounts, free shipping) in the first recovery message enhances transactions by 54%.
  • The inclusion of a link to the purchase we are trying to recover offers a 25% improvement compared to the inclusion of a simple link to the website of the store.
  • Customizing the subject line generally provides a 12% improvement in the open rates of the messages.


It is worth taking note for our next campaigns: You can check the features and customization capabilities of Acrelia News platform, in addition to consulting with our team the best way to incorporate these elements into your own templates.

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