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How to create 3D GIFs for your emails

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Imagen  How to create 3D GIFs for your em

3D GIFs also known as SplitDepthGIF are animated GIFs in 2 dimensions modified in such a way that a very realistic and striking 3D effect is achieved.

Using animated 3D GIFs in your mailings will allow you to capture the attention of your subscribers and a greater retention of your message which will help you to build brand image and increase your conversions.

We explain you the advantages of using animated GIFs in your email marketing campaigns and how to create stunning 3D animated GIF.

Advantages of using animated GIF in email marketing campaigns

One of the main challenges that you face when you do email marketing is to get that the content of your posts stand out from the others, making them more attractive and offering a unique experience to the subscriber. 

One way to achieve it is by adding animated GIFs, so you'll get to give your campaign "movement" and your user will assess it positively. In addition, there is evidence that the use of animated GIFs in email marketing can multiply the impact of your mailings and achieve greater engagement by the user:

  • Increases the reading time and improves the effectiveness of calls to action. Capture the attention of a person to be more than a few seconds paying attention to your mailing is a challenge. With the help of animated GIFs you'll get the subscriber to spend more reading time of your email and the GIF itself will feature as an attractive and forceful call to action.

  • Makes your messages shorter and more relevant. A single motion picture can serve to display a lot of information. With only one image you could show, for example, all the variety of colors of a product and the user will have a more realistic idea about what you're offering. In addition you'll save space by not having the need to put more pictures that illustrate the color range that you have. Use the animated GIFs to support visually the contents of your mailing.

  • Appeals to emotions. An animated image generates an emotional impact because interacts with the subscriber directly, thus increase their chances to click on it and as a result increase your conversions.

  • Allow you to humanize your mailings. If you make a mailing with the aim of 'branding' or strengthen the company-customer relationship you can help yourself with animated GIFs to humanize your mailings, for example sending an animated GIF in which is displayed your company or its employees, so your subscribers will notice you closest and you'll favor a relationship as equals.

Why use animated GIFs in your emails? 

  • To enforce certain sections of the campaign. Encourage the title or content of your campaign using creative animated GIFs to ilustrate the message you want to convey.
  • To work as 'Storytelling' of your email. A GIF has to serve as a resource to support the contents of your mailing, because its movement is a great way to use it as storytelling of itself. For example, you can use it to show the different models that you have, the characteristics or variety of colours that your product has, the presentation of an application... The added value of a GIF is that you can easily tell a long and complicated story in an easy and visual way.

  • Strengthen campaigns, promotions and discounts. Generate expectation using in promotional emails countdowns or counters with people who have already accepted your offer. It will serve to denote emergency essential feature in email marketing mailing.

GIF compatibility with mail clients

Some mail clients, such as some Outlook versions do not support animated GIFs. These mail clients, when loading an email containing an animated GIF, they show it as it if were a static image, showing their first frame. Therefore it is very important to take your time to choose which one is best and more powerful.

How to create animated 3D GIFs​

Thanks to the implementation of a three-dimensional effect in a sequence of GIF images, 3d GIFs allow you without special glasses to see the motion picture and in 3D.

Applying a dividing white stripes in the image sequence, a sense of depth is created in which the foreground object seems that is approaching and protrudes from the image.


Coming up next we explain you how create an animated 3D GIF step by step:

  1. Choose a small fragment of a video and convert to GIF format. For this you can use for example the free online tool Imgur,  Video to GIF.
  2. The dividing white lines are the ones that help us to get the 3D effect. They have not to be necessarily white, we'll make them with the same background page color where we're going to load it. Besides these two vertical lines, it is also interesting to leave blank before and / or after the GIF. As long as you find it useful to strengthen the effect.

  3. When you have decided in which part you want to give that 3D effect, you must go frame by frame deleting the piece of white line on top of that part. You can do this work with any program that allow you work with layers and export again in GIF format.

An animated GIF is a powerful marketing tool that your brand should not miss. Adding interactivity to your emails can stimulate greater interest and encourage the interaction with your subscribers. But beware, do not abuse of animated GIFs whether or not in 3d because you can end up overwhelming the subscriber and getting the totally opposite effect you want to achieve.

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