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Animated GIFs: Add interactivity to your emails

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Imagen Animated GIFs: Add interactivity to your em

Email marketing professionals are always looking for ways to improve email campaigns to make them more attractive to users. Experts say adding some interactivity to messages achieves higher interest and interaction of subscribers.

Animated GIFs are a good way to add "motion" to your emails, bringing life to your content with just a few extra Kb.

Just keep these few issues in mind if you decide to use them:

  1. Defensive design. Many email clients block images. Add an attractive alternative text to your images to get the user to enable them.
  2. First counts. Pay special attention to the first image of your animated GIF. Some email clients, such as most versions of Outlook, do not support animated GIFs and show the first image instead. So, it should be selected carefully.
  3. Size always matters. Be careful with the size. Adding interactivity is fine but keep in mind that the user experience will be diminished if he has to wait too long to download images.
  4. Is it necessary? Any item you add to the design of your email should be studied and designed to improve the way you communicate and get better results. Before you add any item, you should assess this really adds value to your message or just there "because it's cool" or "because you can put it."

You can also include in your email marketing mailings 3D GIFs, a gimmick that will multiply your campaigns impact. These animated GIFs are 2-dimensional and they are modified in such manner that achieves a depth and very realistic and striking 3D effect. Don't forget to use them!



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