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Cinemagraphs: animate your campaigns and get more clicks

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Imagen Cinemagraphs: animate your campaigns and get more cl

Animated GIFs have turned 30 but are experiencing a new golden age thanks to instant messaging and social networks. They are just a few seconds from a movie or television show, mainly created to make humor. But they have also evolved into something more creative and shocking like cinemagraphs. If you incorporate these formats into your email marketing you will see how your CTR increases.

Anything that brings some interactivity to your campaigns will achieve better results. The more interest generates, the better. So in addition to what we discussed in another article about incorporating an animated GIF or one in 3D, today we are going to talk about cinemagraphs. This format, also called videography, is even more striking and that's why it will help you to earn extra clicks for your campaigns.

A cinemagraph is a GIF in which only one part of the image moves while the rest remains still. They are usually small movements, subtle details that draw attention within the static of the photo. They create a visual loop in which time seems to have stopped. For example: a drop falling by the frozen bottle of a soda, a shine that makes a jewel shine, the wind shaking the hair of a model ...


Adding a cinemagraph to your campaigns will make your message stand out more, be more seductive and get more clicks. For the tranquility they reflect, cinemagraphs are perfect to sell luxury products. Also for their subtlety they fit in all type of packages or gifts, even like capture of a more complex video. Well used, it will allow you to tell a story in which the subscribers can be reflected. It is a way of conveying elegance and connecting with emotions that can not be compared to a more trivial animation.

While traditional GIFs often go several at a time, cinemagraphs can work perfectly alone. If you include them in the header of the campaign you will get the clicks more quickly than if you leave it in the central part or the end. There are statistics indicating that using this format increases transactions by 72%.

To create cinemagraphs you can use design programs like Photoshop but you can also do it from your smartphone with any of the specific applications. It is not as complicated as it seems but, like with the rest of images or videos, you must be clear beforehand the effect that you want to achieve.

Another technical aspect to keep in mind is the weight of the file. The download speed is always important in the images but in this case you can lose the attraction effect if the animation does not start in time. Always try to optimize the photos so that the upload is fast.

No obstante, cuidado con basar toda la estrategia de la campaña en ellas porque pueden no cargarse. Recuerda que algunos suscriptores bloquean las imágenes de manera que no los verían. Y algunos gestores de correo no muestran GIFs animados así que solo verían una imagen estática. La buena noticia es que, a diferencia de los pensados para ser humorísticos, las cinemagrafías no pierden el sentido por eliminarles la animación y convertirse en simples fotografías.

However, be careful to base the entire campaign strategy on them because they may not load. Remember that some subscribers block the images so they will not see them. And some mail clients do not show animated GIFs so they would only see a static image. The good news is that, unlike the ones designed to be humorous, cinemagraphs do not lose their sense by removing the animation and becoming simple photographs.

Image source: Hongkiat

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