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Advanced email marketing campaign management service

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Imagen Advanced email marketing campaign management ser

Acrelia News has launched a new service aimed at those companies and freelancers who need specialized advice for the implementation and execution of their email marketing campaigns.

Advanced email campaign management service, puts at the disposal of companies that require it, a team of email marketing advisors and specialists and a wide variety of services designed to help them to define, develop and launch your email marketing strategy effectively.

This service is mainly focused to help those companies that do not have staff with the necessary skills to make their email campaigns or do not have time to manage, analyze and optimize their campaigns.

For those companies who want to outsource the execution of email marketing into a specialized agency, is a good choice, since they can have at its disposal a team of experts from different disciplines to plan, create, and manage their email marketing campaigns, and follow best practices to improve the results of their commercial activities by email.

This service can also be useful for companies that want to manage in-house their email campaigns but do not have staff qualified to do so. Acrelia News facilitate them the right tools and train their marketing team to learn how to maximize their email campaigns results.

Email is the most effective channel to boost sales, but for to make the most of it only is possible with the knowledge and right tools. If you need help to get it, request information for free and without commitment, together we will find the best email marketing solution for your business.

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