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At certain times of the year, the word 'gym' is on everyone's lips and sometimes the phrase includes a 'I do not go'. This is a typical attitude among users but should not be the same than the responsible for a fitness center when they hear the word 'email marketing': this strategy is very useful for getting new customers and maintaining a good relationship with the users, regardless of how often they visit the facility.

To achieve this, it is important to have clear the message planning that we are going to send because a fitness center can send several types of newsletter mixing content marketing and more corporate messages as any company will do. Some email marketing ideas to start thinking about the strategy contents:

  • Welcome to know the facilities: a message that helps the new user to go to the gym. It can also be done as if it were a virtual guided tour with a series of messages reminding even complementary services.
  • Weekly motivation to do sports and make him do not stop going to the gym. If we take into account specific data like when was his last visit, we can make it even more personal with dates that show his lack of commitment. They can be quotes or images to make the impulse more visual.
  • Agenda of upcoming scheduled sessions to be given related to their preferred fitness modality. It could serve as a notification reminding user's following classes or the one's he's not registered.
  • News of sports events in the city, whether or not sponsored by us, so that members can organize and go with other partners. Do not forget that social life in sports is very important and reflects the level of gym's activity
  • Gym's news such as the maintenance or improvement of facilities or information on any other service that is included in the gym as can be nutrition or beauty.
  • Blog's content where we explain, for example, how to do exercise routines to start doing some sport to promote the blog and also new classes that are going to be held.

Email marketing offers many opportunities to fitness centers. But just like any other business, you need a good database. Therefore, the sign in form on the website must include fields that allow proper segmentation. In addition, you can also request additional information during the user's register that is done in person at the gym's office.

Personalizing the messages as much as possible is a way of transferring to the online world the individual service offered by the gym and that distinguishes it from its competitors.

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