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As in nutrition topics, email marketing has to monitor our actions and not let ourselves be carried away by the vagaries that jeopardize the results we have achieved with our daily efforts. Following a diet can be just as strict as sending a newsletter because it also starts with a situation analysis and an action plan.

The first step in designing an email marketing strategy for a specialized dietitian-nutritionist clinic is to review the actions being taken. We may discover that the web entry form is not visible enough or that social networks are not helping as much as they could to attract leads to the business, to give some examples. Maybe a change of habits is necessary but incorporating a newsletter to our marketing can give us advantage over the competition because it helps us to differentiate ourselves.

Knowing our shortcomings, we can begin to think about the objectives we want to achieve. Surely the most usual, regardless of the sector, is to get more clients but also can be to get more recommendations from patients among their contacts. According to what we define, the type of newsletter to be sent will be different for both the contents and the template that we design to show them.

Some ideas for dietitian-nutritionist's newsletters:

  • An editorial article that analyzes a food and the benefits of incorporating it into our daily life will work well with a text accompanied by a couple of photos.
  • The link to a video of our YouTube channel in which we explain the drawbacks of the latest miracle diet that has become fashionable.
  • A compilation of links both to our blog and to articles that are relevant and that we have already published in our social networks.
  • Motivational quotes to continue with the diet will be well accompanied by allusive images.
  • A series of photos that show the personalized menu that we propose for a certain profile.

In the last points we find a fundamental aspect that have very in common the diets with the email marketing: the personalization. If each individual is different and has specific nutritional needs, we must transfer them to the newsletters we send him. Thus, we should segment the messages so that they reach patients related to the specific diet. Even more so if we send phrases to motivate them, we must take care to focus them to the phase in which they are.

The planning of email marketing is the first part, then comes the implementation so it is a matter of routine to get used to regularly send the newsletter and measure the results. We can use the opens stats and clicks to know how many show interest in what we send them and thus improve for future sendingd. Here it is also about being constant to achieve our goals little by little.

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