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It was later than ever in the office, but there were still a few of us left, illuminated only by the light of our screens. It was almost midnight when the last four of us got into the lift to go home. We couldn't even imagine the night that awaited us. 

The surprise came when the power went out and we were trapped and unable to get out of the lift. We called for help and a reassuring voice suggested we relax while we waited. They wouldn't be long, or at least it is what they told us.  

We sat down and started chatting about the last thing we had done in the office - we were there to schedule some email marketing campaigns! After a while, we started reminiscing about past mistakes, whispering like someone telling a crime. 

  • I checked before leaving: the sender was right, not like that time I made a mistake, just the day there was a survey and the people who wanted to answer found that their messages were returned because I put noreply as the reply address.
  • Oops, one day I sent a newsletter without a subject line. I was so embarrassed; the boss gave me such looks! Since that day I always look at it several times, even in the interns I try to put something different.
  • Do you remember the time I thought of inserting an emoji in the middle of the text, but it was terrible because the reader wasn't compatible and many didn't understand what it meant? What a telling-off I got.
  • That's nothing. On my first day, trying to fix the design, I ended up sending a mess that was not responsive and where it was not possible to distinguish where to click because of the lack of contrast between the text and the call to action. And here I go on.
  • I ended up sending a promotional image with an error in the discount percentage. I corrected it an hour later, but they almost kicked me out because it overtook all the margin. It was the worst day of my life in this company.
  • Mine was when I inserted the image as the agency sent us and the whole mail was a big blank space for those who didn't have the option to download images activated. That day we lost money and I got a yellow card.
  • I also got a long chat with the boss when I put the wrong label and instead of their name, the customers saw the segment we included them in, which was "Dont-buy-Dont-open". I’m sure it was the day with more people cancelling their subscriptions.
  • Unfortunately, that honour belongs to me. I did the targeting and scheduling wrong and sent the same message twenty times to the same segment... So, the company spent its budget for the month in just one day and the return was negative. That was a big blow. 

We stood in silence, digesting all the stories we had just heard. Did we want to compete to see who had made the worst mistake? It must have been the anxiety to get out of there. We used to be rookies, but not anymore, right? 

When the emergency technician finally opened the door for us, he found us in silence. We hadn't spoken again. Instead of saying goodbye and going out, we went back into the office to check the programmed campaigns for errors. We didn't want to have nightmares!

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