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Email marketing report 2023

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The "Email Marketing Report 2023" is here! For the third consecutive year, we present the data collected thanks to the participation of more than 350 professionals, mainly from marketing and advertising. The conclusions are very interesting as they help us understand the state of health in which this sector finds itself.

We share with you some numbers that make us optimistic:

  • Increased focus on economic performance of campaigns: more people have set sales as a goal, and the monthly shipment count has doubled.
  • Increased perception that email marketing works: more participants rate it as "very good," and the estimated results are 3.5 out of 5.
  • Increased revenue attributable to email marketing: although the most voted percentage remains less than 10%, more people attribute them between 30 and 60%.

In our report, you will also find more technical data, such as what is done to keep the list clean, how campaigns are tested, what the key is to improving results, or how the database is personalized and segmented.

Surely, on one of its 25 pages, you will find data that will help you refine your upcoming campaigns. Download the "Email Marketing Report 2023" in PDF and check it out.

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