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Giving Tuesday: 10 charity campaign ideas that work

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Imagen Giving Tuesday: 10 charity campaign ideas that

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is celebrated. It is a day that seeks to put aside the consumerism of the pre-Christmas period to promote solidarity and to make us think about those around us. The most tangible objective is to obtain donations for social projects or collaborations with charitable causes. 

NGOs, foundations, companies and also educational centres do their bit so that this Tuesday becomes the first of many days in which we give to others to create a better society. Email marketing helps to spread the word about the celebration and to get people involved, so here are 10 suggestions for campaigns that we hope will inspire you to join Giving Tuesday. 

Level up with Black Friday

The first question you may have is: if I already have everything prepared for Black Friday, can I join Giving Tuesday? No problem, as long as you are consistent in your choice of cause. For example: if you want to promote responsible consumption, maybe you should rule it out; but you can also donate part of your Black Friday profits to Giving Tuesday. 


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Show the results of the whole year

If you are already involved in a cause as part of your CSR, this day gives you the opportunity to highlight it and raise awareness among your database to join in. Prepare a message showing them what you have achieved, for example an infographic detailing the milestones of the last few years so that they can see what you invest your profits in.


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Support a specific project

You can choose a different one each year to cover different areas, although try to keep in line with your corporate vision. In addition to explaining on this specific day what part you are allocating to the project throughout the year, you can make specific notifications to remind your subscribers that they can support this cause as your company already does.


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Publicise the initiative

Although it is gradually gaining visibility, it is still not a well-known day in most European countries. Send out an information campaign explaining what it consists of, what your company is going to do to celebrate it and how they can participate. Your brand image will be strengthened, whatever your sector, because it will be seen as supportive and concerned about others.


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Get actively involved

Organising an event or collecting donations is possible both in shops and in offices. You just have to get customers to participate in the chosen action. For example: use email marketing to let them know that you will be rounding up the price of their purchases that day or that you will be matching the proceeds.


Source: Really Good Emails


Encourage the team

Employees can come up with great ideas and be the ones to make the initiative really work. Start by sending them a message to encourage them to submit their proposals - after all, they know their jobs best. Then respond with further internal or external campaigns, as appropriate, and explain in an email what the outcome has been so they can see what they have achieved.

Promote volunteering

As part of your CSR initiatives, you may already have a team of volunteers who collaborate on a regular basis with an institution. Now is the time to give them visibility: you can send out a campaign with an interview with the most senior or most recent member and explain what they have done. If you send it internally, you can get more employees on board; if you do it in your newsletter, you will improve your reputation.

Organise a competition

NGOs and foundations can use this day to encourage donations. Although it sounds contradictory because you want to collect, a competition encourages participation. For example: the hook for them to share the Giving Tuesday information among their profiles can be a discount on the star product of the charity shop. 

Include this day in school activities

Schools can also do their bit. First, send an email to families beforehand to inform them about how the day will be celebrated. Then send another one to show the results with pictures of special decorations, awareness-raising talks or fundraising activities that students have done.

Start solidarity in the run-up to Christmas

If Black Friday is a pre-Christmas shopping event, Giving Tuesday starts with Christmas solidarity. Plan it as a campaign that ends on 25 December, i.e., with regular mailings to report how the toy or food collection you have organised in your company is going. Set a target and show the progress in each newsletter you send out.

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