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How to make your brand consistent across all your mailings

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Imagen How to make your brand consistent across all your mail

Brands express themselves from different online channels and physical locations. This means that there are more people inside and outside the company involved in managing the many contact points with the user. Therefore, when multiple departments are using email marketing, the likelihood of misrepresenting the brand and misrepresenting its beliefs increases. To avoid this, a good level of consistency is necessary.

Why taking care of your brand consistency

Email marketing and branding need to work together to reap the benefits of brand consistency. Three main reasons stand out:

  • Being a recognisable brand in every mailing increases opens and clicks that can lead to sales.
  • Gaining the trust of users leads to an improved relationship with them and makes them want to participate in our actions, such as promotions or competitions. 
  • Converting them into loyal customers will prevent them from unsubscribing and will make them want to recommend us.

These are compelling reasons that lead newsletters to have a higher return on investment by improving all metrics. In addition, this will lead us to be more profitable in the long term because we will get customers more predisposed to buy our products or services for longer.

How to be consistent in email marketing

Respecting the corporate image is the first step to be a more consistent and stronger brand. But, in addition to the visual part, you have to keep clear the brand values and not send campaigns that move away from what it symbolises. Follow our recommendations to make your brand more consistent and thus more credible and durable over time.

Have reference documents

Whether email marketing is done internally or by external designers, it is necessary to have a reference document that contains common guidelines. The most common is the corporate identity manual that serves to take care of the correct use of the logo, colours or typography so that the campaigns visually represent the brand.

The messages also have to do so, and for this a corporate communication manual is needed in which the mission, vision and values of the company are written, as well as a description of its target audience and its value proposition. With this information, it will be easier to build newsletters consistent with the brand's personality.

Share internal resources

Logos, images, templates... the resources needed to send newsletters should be available to everyone who might need them. The aim is to avoid each manager designing campaigns on their own because it is easy not to follow the guidelines of the reference documents and lose consistency.

In Acrelia News we have several features that will help your team to be coordinated:

Making it easy to create campaigns with shared assets makes it easier to keep branding consistent.

Create branded campaigns

Making things easy doesn't mean limiting creative messaging. While it is useful to review assets from time to time to provide enough variety so that they are not too repetitive, the same template can be used to send different messages when the content is changed without altering the design.

Both promotional campaigns and informative newsletters can reflect the brand's values and personality, for example by encouraging purchase in a certain style or sharing content on topics that you share with your subscribers and that define you both. You can also do branded campaigns when you want to create an emotional connection with them.

Encourage decision-makers

Consistency is not achieved when managers are in a hurry to send a message and use the first thing they find. Nor when the team has assimilated a work process that does not take it into account. That is why it is necessary to encourage and motivate them to contribute to improving the brand in a way that is easy for them.

With Acrelia News user management, you can create the profiles you need and define their permissions, for example, so that they can create campaigns but cannot send them. This way, everything that is sent will maintain the consistency of the brand.

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