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Ideas to use generated images by AI in your newsletter

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Imagen Ideas to use generated images by AI in your newsle

Images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) are a good complement to the ones you can find in stock banks or perhaps designed by your computer. We are talking about photographs, illustrations or any element that you have in your mind, but you can't create.  

AI tools in email marketing work the same for text or images: you just have to describe what you want and wait for the response.It takes a few seconds, so the time investment comes later to fine-tune the first proposal until you get the expected result (keep in mind that some of them are freemium and limit the versions they offer for free). 

Like any new technology, it is a matter of practice, so we propose a series of ideas for you to start experimenting with AI images for your next mailing (although you can also use them for social networks, your blog or any other corporate channel). Try, for example, DALL-E, Midjourney, NightCafé, DeepAI or Dream by Wombo and you will find the tool that gives you the best results. 

Futuristic, unrealistic or surrealistic images 

Many brands want to appear in science fiction films that take place in the future because it has a positive impact on their brand compared to their competitors. But it is no longer necessary to invest in this type of product placement, because it is possible to create scenarios that are more or less close in time where the product is distinguishable. Try, for example: "a car parked on the main avenue of a city of the future". In addition, you can play with the unrealistic or surrealistic style to make it even more striking.



Source: NightCafé

Infinite variations 

Admittedly, AI doesn't always have the solution and it is possible to take time to find what you want, the good thing is that, once you've got it, you can ask it to replicate the style and can be asked to generate similar variations. For example, changing the age or gender of the people you have invented.  
It takes a bit more time, but in the long run the results can be spectacular because, combined with the dynamic fields, the right image is sent to each segment. 


Different situations or points of view  

Image banks provide a wide range of options, but sometimes it can be difficult to find something specific for 
promotional campaigns. With AI you can place your product where it suits you best. So your subscribers will be surprised when they open your message. It is also interesting in services with physical spaces, such as schools, medical centres or shows. Try, for example: "retired people in a large theatre listening to a rock concert". Think that you can choose the point of view, for example, "seen from the stage". 

Own image bank 

A very interesting possibility is to take advantage of AI to create your stock images. This way, your newsletter will always have the same visual style, whatever the news you are linking to. 
To do this, you can take a look at your latest mailings and imagine what you would have liked to have as artwork. 
Then, ask for it and save it in shared folders so that next time you have it at hand. You can also try adding to the 
colour variation to match your corporate identity.   

Seasons and special dates 

Whether it's to adapt your masthead or to make special date mailings, you need to have a representative image that is not the one everyone else uses and is different from the one you have sent in previous years. AI is your salvation because it hardly generates the same thing twice, even with the same request you can add different elements. Try, for example: "gift box for Mother's Day". Try to remove any element you don't want, such as "no chocolates" or add your product category. 



Source: Dream by Wombo


Illustrations for your storytelling 

One of the advantages of AI is that you can apply many styles. This is very practical to adapt it to the type of newsletter you are sending and to your audience, for example, abstract or melancholic. But it is especially useful when it comes to illustrations because it will allow you to fit the story you are telling into your message much better. 
For example, comics, manga, charcoal, ink or magazine. 

Very precise icons 

The images must fit your style, but also the icons because you will use them recurrently. You can insert emojis, but you can also create them more concretely thanks to artificial intelligence and save them in your template to always use the same ones. 
Try, for example: "blue icon of a smiling lion". Add elements that you like "floral frame" or those that help your corporate colours. 



Source: Dream by Wombo

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