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Pdf guide: How to design effective CTAs

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In informative newsletters, especially those that compile news or monthly events, there are many "Calls To Action" (CTA) and almost all of them are the same: "Read more", "Continue reading", "Share on social networks"... In promotional campaigns it's just the opposite: better results are achieved if you use a single button with a distinctive copy, designed specifically for each mailing.

Therefore, an effective CTA is different depending on the goal: loyalty campaigns, promotional campaigns, anniversary campaigns... All of them need a button that stands out. There is no button that always converts more than another, but it is possible to look at what those that get the most clicks have in common. This is what we have done to compile good practices that will increase your CTR

When you are preparing your next call to action, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it focused on your goal? 
  • Does it have any relation with the subject line? 
  • Is it written with as few words as possible? 
  • Does it make clear what is achieved after the click? Is it in the first person? 
  • Does it encourage action with urgency? 
  • Does it have a recognizable shape? 
  • Is it clickable on all devices? 
  • Does it contrast with the background? 
  • Is it accessible? 
  • Is it located as close as possible to the top of the message? 
  • Does it stand out from the rest of the elements? 

In our guide "Diseño de CTA efectivas" we address all these issues with some examples so that your next mailing gets more clicks.

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