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You are an SME? Think big for your Email Marketing as well!

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Imagen You are an SME? Think big for your Email Marketing as w

Many small and medium enterprises still haven’t incorporated email marketing into their business strategy yet because they lack resources and knowledge to perform their implementation.

Conscious that implementing new communication channels with their customers requires a certain effort for SMEs, Acrelia News works daily to provide SMEs with mechanisms that simplify the process of creating and sending email marketing campaigns and to maximize results while minimizing costs.

I am a small company, what can you do for me?

- We help you to define your communication strategy. The type of business and the products and services you offer have a direct impact on the type of information that you should offer on your website and also on the content and structure of your email marketing campaigns. We support you in the pursuit of goals, in the definition of your audience and in the quest for added value.

- We guide you throughout the process of setting up and launching your first campaign. We advise you on how to build your contact lists correctly and how to organize them. Do not worry about the rules on commercial communications: we help you follow the best practices when communicating with your subscribers and getting new contacts.

- We provide an extensive library of templates. Fully responsive designs, easily adaptable to your corporate image. In just a few clicks, you are able to customize them to your liking with the creativities, colors, typography and all graphic elements you need.

- We propose corrective measures to improve the results of your campaigns. Understanding the data provided by the statistics is vital to assess the success or failure of a campaign. We help you to draw conclusions and determine what measures can improve results.

- We offer continuous training. Our platform gives you tips, tricks and advice on how to optimize your campaigns and get the most out of the tool. It also has a Support section with multi-language with resources designed to teach you to how to get successful email sendings.

 All this in your language, so that you can work on your campaigns and communicate with your subscribers in the most convenient way.

Contact us, together we will start working on your next campaign.

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