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Sustainable and environmentally friendly email marketing strategies

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Imagen Sustainable and environmentally friendly email marketing strate

Taking care of our environment is a task to which we can all contribute in different areas. Even the online marketing actions that our company carries out can be planned to reduce its impact. And although there is green marketing to promote sustainable products or services, any sector can be concerned about consuming digital resources in an environmentally friendly way, even when sending email campaigns.


Clean up contact lists

This is a good practice that is recommended for more realistic statistics, but it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. The more data that accumulates on servers, the more resources are expended to store and manage it. If the list is smaller, fewer messages that are not opened and therefore unnecessary will also be sent. In addition, the database fields could also be cleaned up to ask for and keep only those that we will actually use. It is more efficient for you and for the environment.

With Acrelia's verification service, you can keep your lists clean. Verifying your email databases is more efficient for you and the environment.

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Segmenting mailings

Choosing the recipients of communications is good for the results because you send more personalised mailings, but you also send fewer and, therefore, stop sending those that will not work, although you will waste resources in the process. Fortunately, email managers delete messages from the trash and spam folders, but if the user does not do this, it is very likely that they will end up in the inbox for an indeterminate amount of time without being read. And the more you store, the more servers you need.

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Control automations

Scheduling and automating messages can save time, but you must also be clear about the planning within the overall email marketing strategy so that they are not too recurrent because they will lose effectiveness and waste resources for no reason. On the other hand, if the previous interaction is taken into account, the result can also be more satisfactory for the user and the energy used is optimised.


Reduce message size

Shorter campaigns tend to be more direct and therefore have less code to interpret, both HTML and CSS, as well as fewer images to download. So, the impact on resources during sending is less, but also on consumption because less time will be spent on having the mobile screen active to read it, which translates into less battery or electricity spent, depending on the device from which it is opened. It also reduces the contribution to the volume of global data circulating on any given day.


Optimising images

In the digital world, everything seems light thanks to the speed at which we browse, but images that take up a lot of space spend more bandwidth to download, increasing the amount of energy needed to read every message sent. Optimising them so that they still look good and are less cumbersome is essential. The design in general can be adjusted so that it takes less time to load, especially if it is a simplified or text-only version. In Acrelia you have the option to check the weight of the message, but also the download time of the images. This way, sending will be more optimal and you will ensure a better user experience.

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Avoid attachments

Optimising files, including attachments that can be linked for download as lead magnets, is a way to save money and have an eco-friendlier newsletter. Not attaching files is a practice that reduces the archiving capacity of users' mailboxes, so that less space is needed in data centres and energy is not wasted unnecessarily. It also improves deliverability because it prevents us from being considered spammers.


Sustainable providers

One criterion for choosing any provider is the sustainability of the resources it uses. Nowadays, this factor is key to follow the policies of many companies on the road to energy transition and if they want to comply with the SDGs. Using an email marketing provider with energy efficient servers such as Acrelia's helps to reduce the carbon footprint as any other corporate action. For example, our company is part of the Tree-nation project to help reforest the planet. We plant trees periodically, in addition to each time we reach a certain number of visits to our website and also on special dates such as Christmas. We have already planted a large number of trees on different continents - it all adds up as we have just seen!

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