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Tips for success in your Email Marketing program during sales

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Imagen Tips for success in your Email Marketing program during s

Sales are one of the most awaited time of the year, not only by consumers but also by traders who achieve most of their turnover at that time.

By optimizing your Email Marketing for the sales, you will also make a good deal ;)

Tip No.1

The key feature of Sales are obviously the discounts, and the approach of your emails should not be different. Discounts must be everywhere: in the subject line, header, titles, etc…

  • "now or never", "sweep", "last units " are efficient call-to-actions and usually achieve higher open rates.
  • Design original and creative messages to catch your customers’ attention.
  • Short, direct and imperative phrasing is easier to remember than long sentences. Prefer " Buy.2, get the 3rd free" rather than "Buy.two products, you get the third for free", even if the latter sounds more explicit.

Tip No.2

Remember that your competitors and you do exactly the same. Find a way to differentiate yourself: your best weapons are creativity and originality.

  • Look after your brand image. Your customer associates you with your logo, colours, sender name. By modifying them, you could become a stranger.
  • No fussy design. Use simple, and visual designs and watch for the right balance between images and texts, or you will run the risk to lose your readers’ attention.
  • Integrate your products in real situations, so your customers feel identified with your deals.
  • Insert links to your website or ecommerce, so that interested users can easily learn more about your business and special offers.

Tip No.3

Do not wait until the last minute to inform your customers of your deals.

You should do it sufficiently in advance to be among the first to announce the benefits of buying from you rather than your competitors. If their inbox is flooded, they will not remember you.

Tip No.4

The increase in sales volume is the perfect opportunity to segment your email campaigns. By segmenting your contact lists, you can offer each customer what he needs and increase your sales opportunities.

  • Do different campaigns depending on the type of customer, offering them the product that best fits their profile.
  • Analyse the statistics of your previous sendings and check the best day / time to send your special Sales email.
  • Analyze the clicks of your previous mailings and highlight those that show the best results.

Tip No.5

It is important to customize each of your campaigns. This is what makes the difference between an attractive campaign and “one among many others”. By customizing contents and using a close and personal tone, you connect with your audience get engaged subscribers with your brand.

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