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What is Permission Email Marketing?

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Subscribers are the basic pillar of email marketing. Have their permission to send them commercial communications is not optional: it is vital to comply with regulations and also to get the best results with your email campaigns

What's Permission Email Marketing?

Businesses effectively use email permission marketing to increase sales, enhance its brand image and strengthen relations with clients and potential customers. The Permission Email Marketing is to send information or advertising emails to people who have asked to receive them.

Why should I bet for Permission Email Marketing?

If you do it right, email marketing is a powerful marketing tool: Cheap, immediate, measurable and profitable, among many other things. Doing email marketing is to establish a relationship with your subscribers and customers based on providing value and trust. If you do not start with your email marketing properly, this will not work in your favor: it will damage your brand image and cause the discomfort of your target audience.

What's the difference between spam and a commercial email? 

Spam es un email enviado de forma masiva, que no ha sido solicitado, que el destinatario no desea recibir y que además se ha enviado sin su consentimiento.

Un correo comercial o informativo, en cambio, es aquel que se envía en respuesta a una petición o interés específico y en el que el tener el consentimiento explícito del destinatario implica de por sí solo que enviarlo no es spam.

Spam is an email sent in bulk, which has not been requested, the recipient does not wish to receive and also sent without his consent.

A commercial or informational email, however, is one that is sent in response to a request or specific interest. Having the explicit consent of the recipient implies that sending it is not spam.

Commercial communications regulations

En Europa para remitir comunicaciones comerciales es necesario cumplir con los siguientes requisitos:

To send commercial communications in Europe, is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  1. The sender must be clearly identifiable.
  2. It's necessary to count with the explicit consent of the recipient or must be a prior contractual relationship.
  3. A free and easy unsubscribe procedure must be enabled for the recipient, both in the subscription process and each one of the communications.

Finally remember ...

  • If a person trusts you and your brand enough to give your e-mail and let you communicate with him, YOU should not ABUSE.
  • When people subscribe to your newsletter they do not want simply to receive your emails. They want to establish a relationship with you.
  • An "unwanted" email can become spam if you disappoint your subscriber following malpractices. You should not send emails that may mislead your readers, that hide the real nature of your business or service, neither using tricks or not "very elegant" tactics to get results.

In Acrelia News we help our customers comply with regulations, facilitating double opt-in subscription forms, including automatically the sender information and link to unsubscribe in all their sendings, not resending emails to those who unsbscribed or marked an email as spam...

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