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Welcome email

An automated email sent at the end of the signup process to confirm to the user that their registration has been successfully completed. Because this is a message the user is expecting, it often has a very high open rate.

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What to include in a welcome message?

When setting up an automation to send a welcome message to a user who has subscribed to your mailing list, you can choose to send a simple message that merely confirms the completion of the process or take it a step further. If you opt for the latter, you can include various content in the message.

You can take advantage of this initial contact with the user to introduce your brand and make a lasting first impression that stands out from future communications. You can also present your company's products or services, if applicable.

You might start by offering a discount. Many users subscribe to a list because they know that by doing so, they will receive a coupon in their email, entitling them to a discount or free shipping. If this isn't advertised and, therefore, not expected, you can include it in the email as a reward for subscribing.

It's also a good practice to use this initial contact to promote your social media presence. This way, you ensure that the user can not only stay in touch with you via email but also follow your company on other platforms, leading to a more continuous presence in their daily life.

What to consider when creating a welcome message?

Even though the welcome message is an automated communication and primarily serves to confirm that the subscription process has been completed successfully, it's essential to remember that users are anticipating it, leading to a higher open rate than conventional campaigns. Therefore, you should craft the message to retain and engage your subscribers. Keep in mind that the first impression carries significant weight, and you should take advantage of it.

First and foremost, express gratitude for the user's trust in joining your mailing list. Explain what completing the subscription will provide for them and what benefits, if applicable, they can expect.

It's crucial to showcase your personality in this first message so that the subscriber knows what to expect from your future emails. Stand out from other companies, be original, and create a distinctive brand identity that the subscriber will quickly recognize in your future emails.

If your goal is to build loyalty with your new subscribers, start by fostering a sense of community from the beginning. Use the welcome message to talk about "us," address the user as "you," specify your email frequency so they know when to expect your emails, and provide content that you know will interest them and fulfil their expectations.