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How to humanize your automatic emails

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Anything that can be automated sounds like it was done by a robot and it might be considered a bad communication practice. But just as mass mailings can be personalised, automated emails can be humanised. By doing so, you get a higher open rate, more conversion and, above all, a more committed and loyal database regarding your brand.

Following our recommendations, you can take advantage of automation without questioning your humanity.


Focus on the emotional side of communication

Rational communication is more suited to robots, while heart-touching messages are more human. Think of a message that appeals to feelings. It's easy to compare automation to Christmas greetings: how many "Marry Christmas" messages do you receive? Are the formal emails the ones that you remember the most? Probably not.

One way to add emotion is to explain a story that potential customers can relate to. For example, by adding a piece of user-generated content (UGC) that inspires or motivates them to share their experiences with your products or services on their social media profiles.




Thinking that you are talking to another person is the best way to approach the creation of the copy for a campaign. In automated email marketing, more than in other types of messages, it's best to avoid a pitch too much focused on sales. Even if you use a name and address they know as the sender, don't just blurt out a corporate monologue.

For example, let's say you are preparing an automated welcome message. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the basics: what do they expect you to them explain when they open your email? How can you start building a good relationship with them? What image do you want them to have about you when they read your message?



Use conversational copy

If you combine an emotional message with a writing style that mimics conversation, you'll make it easier for your subscriber list to connect with your brand. By sending them an email that doesn't feel like an email marketing campaign, but a chat between peers, you can persuade them as you would if you were in front of them. So don't send your campaigns from a do-not-reply address!

Forget that you are writing for a database: write to a person. Do it in a natural way, with simple words and short sentences, as spontaneous as if you were face to face.



Show your personality

Robots don't have personalities yet, but companies do. To make email automation sound human, you have to show that the sender believes in certain values and expresses them in a very specific way. This includes both the visual part, with emojis or the use of the same type of images, and the textual part.

One option is to use humour, although remember that irony can cause confusion and some jokes can hurt sensitivities. You can also give voice to someone else in the company, for example, to let them sign the automatised birthday message.



Insert as many tags as you can

The most commonly used automations, such as birthday and welcome messages, already involve the first level of segmentation: only subscribers who are celebrating their anniversary and those who have just signed up to the list will receive them. But you can add more personalisation options thanks to the dynamic fields so that, for example, they can see information about their area or in their language.

Tags will also be very useful if you want to give them a discount coupon for their birthday or to insert a personalised image such as a greeting card with their name on it. The more you personalise your communications, the more human they will seem.



Check from time to time

There's nothing worse for your brand's image than having problems with automated messages. To avoid this kind of mistake, you should not only test those messages the first time you set up automated events but also regularly to make sure that messages are still relevant. Although these are timeless communications, it may happen that there is a more recent link or that a more current context can be provided.


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