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7 Reasons to add video to your email campaigns

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Imagen 7 Reasons to add video to your email campa

Incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns is something you should seriously consider now that more than half of all email readers support HTML5 video and it's the most engaging format on social media.

Some reasons to use video marketing were given by Uplers, but we expand them based on our experience as an email platform for our clients:

  1. Make a difference. Being the first to insert video into your communications allows you to stand out from your competitors. It is proven that users prefer messages that are easy to consume and do not like long texts to learn about the advantages of the products or services they want to buy or hire. Start by reviewing the mailings of companies in your sector and you will see how you can get more out of visual pieces. 
  2. Recover your investment. Studies show that video mailings have a much higher return on investment than traditional emails, with a better response from subscribers in terms of open rate and number of clicks. You can take advantage of the static image of the thumbnail to add a powerful call to action to complement it so that more recipients will want to play. For example: show a highlighted sentence as a statement or blur a scene to make it like a game to find out what happened at an event.
  3. Enhance your brand image. The use of video email marketing leads to an increase in traffic to your website, an increase in the conversion rate and an improvement of your brand image. All this makes the email get more referrals and, as we said before, is more profitable than other actions. 
  4. Achieve virality. The ease of distribution through the Internet increases the reach of these contents. It depends on the type of video you use, i.e. its subject matter and style. For example, stories told in the first person are shared more than pieces with a more corporate approach. Also, virality is subjective, so dynamic fields can help you choose what to show to achieve it.
  5. Generate interest. Including quality videos attract attention and, if they are also relevant thanks to a good segmentation, they can motivate interest and provoke a greater involvement of customers, employees and suppliers. This point is important because it serves as a reminder that audiovisual content is interesting for any profile, so a strategy that takes all of them into account is necessary.
  6. Improve sales. Videos with a dose of "human side" are good tools to generate trust in the company. They can be as beneficial as a real salesperson if the content of the video is designed to answer the questions that the recipient may be asking. Again, profiling and segmentation should be taken into account, otherwise, the conversion rate may decrease.
  7. Increase cross-selling. Strategically adding clickable links can redirect the viewer to the website or other channels, favouring cross-selling and even generating opportunities to increase sales. For example: showing in the video the use of a product with other complementary products can serve as an incentive to try them. 

As you can see, the benefits of video in your email marketing are varied and very useful. Both for start-ups and established companies that need to refresh their image. They are increasingly visible in different email clients, so don't be afraid to use them to make your mailings more eye-catching and profitable. 

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