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Cobranding for email marketing campaigns

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Collaborating with companies in other sectors is a very common way to extend the reach of a brand. Of course, it is important to choose well with whom the alliance is established and its terms so that the results are satisfactory. In addition, you need to know how to communicate the relationship to your customers so that they can react in the way you want them to. 


What is cobranding?

When two or more companies team up to create something together, a strategic collaboration called cobranding is established. It can be the development of a new product, for example by bringing together different ingredients and bringing a more innovative one to the market, a service that increases in value when combined with another or a joint communication to promote allied brands.

It is a strategy that involves a shared effort between the two companies, i.e. both cooperate by splitting costs and both reap benefits, whether tangible or reputational. It is therefore important to ensure that they share the same values in order to avoid possible negative effects in the exchange. It is also advisable that the companies are similar in size and market share so that the growth is mutual and does not look like an acquisition.


How to communicate cobranding in email marketing?

In cobranding, both brands are equally important and each one maintains its own identity. It is not a matter of imposing one over the other or of taking away visibility, quite the contrary: they share the limelight and remain perfectly identifiable and recognisable for the recipients of the message.

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When sending such an e-mail, the opposite happens to purely advertising agreements in which the template of the other company would be used without further thought. In cobranding, it is about presenting the brand in a more relatable way, so you have to follow your usual style as if it were just another campaign:

  • The sender will still be you and your company because you are the reference of your database. Remember that in no case are we talking about renting or buying lists.
  • The subject or preheader should include the name of the brand you have allied with, especially if it can help to attract attention and increase openings.
  • The corporate image will remain the same as any other mailing you have already done. Unless you have a new one that represents you jointly, it would be best to use your template with your colours and typography because subscribers already recognise it. 
  • The content is logically what you have to adapt to the launch or the offer you are communicating, but always keeping your usual style. Remember that it is not the other company's message, but yours, so you should introduce them and explain why you have formed your alliance or considered that your subscribers would be interested in their offer. Depending on the agreement you have, you should agree the message with them and be as transparent with them as you are with your subscribers.
  • The signature can be your own, although you can also give it a more inclusive touch by incorporating the name of the company you are presenting in the message.
  • The footer with the legal information should be the same as always, as the communication does not alter the management of your contacts' personal data.

Cobranding is a marketing strategy that is usually reciprocal, i.e. the other brand will also talk about yours in its channels, while respecting its own identity.

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