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Contents that can't be left out of a newsletter

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The strategy we have set for our newsletter points the way forward and guides us towards what content should be included in each sending. If we think about the structure of a newsletter, it is clear that can not miss a well worked subject line, some attractive calls to action or even legal information in the footer. But the content itself may also be classified in various ways to ensure that we take the maximum advantage.

The promotional content is the easiest to include when making our sendings. It is easy to talk about yourself so we sent news about our company that have occurred recently or links to articles published in our blog. You can create a newsletter only with this type of content resulting in very corporate sendings. You can not miss this if what you want is to give visibility to what happens in the company.

If we direct promotion to sale, is when sendings are filled with launch announcements and purchase files we want to highlight for some reason. It is very common in online stores that are looking to monetize each newsletter. Sure it can also be seen as an opportunity for subscribers if we do send them offers or discounts. It is required content if we want them to feel appreciated and do not have the feeling that are receiving too much pressure to buy.

On the other hand, give the feeling of exclusivity is a good way to encourage subscription. It can be both as content written specifically for the newsletter as special promotions that can only get in exchange for the e-mail, for example using the welcome email  to give them a gift like a discount on their first purchase. We must take care oft subscribers from the first moment but also in each sending we make.

Another type of content that can't be left out of our newsletter is the generated by user. Either because we have organized a contest, we discover an image on a social network or because they leave us a comment on our website: take advantage of this type of content about our brand to subscribers who are potential customers and to those who can repeat because makes it more human and real. It is justified if we make an internal clipping so that our employees are more aware of the activity around the company. But it is not normal to create a newsletter only with content that speaks about us but a small reference can be made in a short section.

Nor is usual dedicate all content on item recommendations on other media pages, which is known as content curation. This solution is a resource when we do not know what to send and is a good complement to any of the other types of content that we have just seen. For example, we can promote an item from our store and link to external studies to confirm any of its benefits.

You can make a thematic newsletter with any of these possible types of content that we have just seen. But if we mix them all, we will get a unique combination that will help us achieve several objectives at the same sending: spread the word about us, get subscribers, please our community, sell products ... it will depend, as always, on the strategy we want to follow .

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