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Do not spam on LinkedIn neither email

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In LinkedIn, the professional social network with more registered users, it is the individuals that interact to each other: even if they are representatives of a company, they interact by using their names and profiles. But not everyone knows how to keep this communication healthy because whoever does spam on a site ends up doing it in the different channels in which it has presence, even by accident.

An example in which many are sure to be reflected is to send / receive messages with recipients in BCC. Who has not received a string of emails that did not interest you at all or from an unknown sender who answered dozens of people? Using email this way is easy that we end up considered as spam, even by customers or people we know. When we do this on LinkedIn, that is, if we send messages to our contacts without any previous selection, we also become spammers.

The unwanted emails that arrive from LinkedIn will be as many as we are active in this network. As senders of this type of messages, we can find our victims among our contact network. This includes not only our first level of friends, also those with whom we share group. As everyone can accept this option or not in their personal settings, we might think that it is not spam. Thus, administrators and members of a group can contact other members to introduce themselves and propose a joint business, a very appropriate purpose to be in a professional social network.

Of course we can also contact them to remind them that we have a newsletter and encourage them to sign up. Then the goals are more promotional and this transfer of contacts to our database is not as easy as when they clearly earn something. To do this we have to avoid making massive spam and try to personalize the messages in a way that are more special or at least it seems. For example, sending them one by one instead of CCO we can write something more original.

In email marketing the same thing happens: we send emails to a heterogeneous group of subscribers without thinking if everyone is interested in what we tell them. A good segmentation when creating the newsletter brings us to a personal message and away from spammers. Yes, it is easier to send the entire list than to send all of our LinkedIn contacts, but that does not guarantee better results.

When a person or company falls on the junk mail, even due to ignorance, his reputation suffers a small blow and if he insists on these bad practices can break the trust he gave us and stop being our contact, subscriber or customer.

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